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In front of HCL Technologies Ltd, Maple Towers, Plot No-1&2, Sector-125, Noida

Individual Time Trial being supported by Cycling Association of Delhi.

Date: 28th April 2013, Sunday

• Men (Road)
• Women (Road)
• Men (MTB)
• Women (MTB)
• Men (Over 40)
• Women (Over 40)

Registration time: 5.45 am

Race Director: Col. Vijay Dhawan (Spotty), Contact no. : 9971888528. For any information or emergency on the day of the race, any rider may contact Col Dhawan.

Parking, cycle assembly and registration: In front of HCL Technologies Ltd, Maple Towers, Plot No-1&2, Sector-125, Noida
Rider’s kit: Upon registration, every rider will receive a card with his/her name and ‘T’ number.

Starter: There will be a starter at the start point who will stamp the card with the start time.

Marker: There will be a marker at the finish point who will stamp the card with the finish time. All riders must hand over their cards to the marker at the finish point.

Race start time: 6:30 am. All riders must reach the start point by 6:15 am after collecting their cards from the registration desk.

Start Point: Bus stand at the beginning of the expressway
Course: Expressway, Greater Noida

Distance: 20.7 Kms

Finish Point: Ahead of Entry point to Yamuna Expressway

Race Marshalling : The race will be monitored by marshals along the course of the race. Any rider found to disregard any rule of this race will stand to be disqualified. The verdict of the race director will be final and binding on the disqualified rider.

Race Format: Individual Time Trial Race
• Timing of each rider shall be noted at the start and finish points.
• Each rider to start after 30 seconds of the other rider.
• Riders shall not tail other riders and vehicles on slipstream.
• Individual Timings in ascending order will be posted on Velo Sportive Event page on Facebook

Safety & Security:
• It is mandatory to wear helmets while riding. Anyone riding without helmets will be disqualified.
• This is a friendly race. No special arrangements in respect to safety & security along the race course have been made. Each rider will race at their own risk and responsibility.
• All riders will follow traffic rules.

A rider will be disqualified on following grounds
• If a rider is found to ride the race without a helmet.
• If a rider is found to tail / draft behind other riders or vehicles on slipstream.
• If a rider is found to disregard any local traffic rules.
All riders are expected to ride back from the finish point to the registration desk.

Race results and prizes:
• Race results will be tabulated and the winners in men’s and women’s category will be announced at the registration desk within 45 minutes after the last rider has reached the finish point.
Registration: Please register at

WAIVER & RELEASE FROM LIABILITY : All Riders will have to sign a WAIVER & RELEASE FROM LIABILITY ('WAIVER') at the time of registration. This is mandatory.

Entry Fee: Rs. 200 per participant

• Mens (Road) 1st
• Mens (Road) 2nd
• Women (Road) 1st
• Women (Road) 2nd
• Mens (MTB) 1st
• Mens (MTB) 2nd
• Women (MTB) 1st
• Women (MTB) 2nd

Recognition to
• Mens (Over 40) 1st
• Mens (Over 40) 2nd
• Women (Over 40) 1st
• Women (Over 40) 2nd