Cycling Safety Tips & Precautions




Always wear helmet at the time of cycling.
When riding keep to the left of the road.
Always use bike paths or cycle tracks when available.
Always follow the traffic rules.
Give clear hand signals in good time to warn other road users of your intentions.
Do not hold onto another vehicle or cyclist.
Do not ride too close behind another vehicle.
Give way to pedestrians and to motor vehicles.
Wear suitable clothing.
Have a sounding device (i.e. a bell or a horn) fitted to your bicycle to warn others of your  approach.


Do not shift the gears while your bike in stationery position.
Check both brakes before drive your cycle.
Check both wheels hub nuts fully tightened if QR models it should be in closed position.
Seat post minimum insertion mark must not be visible.
If your cycle is equipped QR mechanism, make sure the seat post is securely clamped and the lever is in the closed position.
Ensure both pedals are securely tightened.
Stem minimum insertion mark must not be visible in threaded fork models.
Always inflate the air pressure as manufacture recommendations as shown on the tire sidewall.
Avoid to fill air from Air Compressors.
QR hub lever should be on the left side only.
For best braking use both brake at a time.
No stunting or jumping should be allowed in all terrain & mountain bikes except BMX bikes.
Always hold the handlebars and keep your feet on the pedals.
Always shift the gear one by one when cycle in motion.
If anything going wrong in your cycle please contact your nearest dealer.

Note : Always collect your owner’s manual, maintenance guide, tools & warranty card at the time purchase.