Weight of the bikes? How do we know the weight of any particular Bike model?

Why don't you list the weights of your bikes? Can you tell me the weight of a particular model?

We know weight is an important factor in many bike buying decisions—and we know many of our competitors list bike weights. We choose not to, because listed weights are never 100% accurate for all sizes and spec options. Keep this in mind when looking on the internet for bike weights: you’re looking at a manufacturer’s best guess.

Many variables affect the weight of an individual bike: frame size, component spec, decals/color options, and acceptable variation within manufacturing tolerances of the hundreds parts that make up a bike. As a result, bike weights will vary, even among identical models, sizes, and spec. That inevitable variation means that any published weight may be heavier or lighter than the model you’re buying. The only accurate way to gauge weight is to weigh the bike at your retailer.

A general note on comparing by weight: anyone can make a bike lighter. Firefox only sells bikes that are responsibly light, meaning all the components have passed strict impact and fatigue testing. We build our bikes to be safe and to last a long time, so be sure to compare company warranties when you are comparing weights.

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