Start Date
End Date
Expressway, Greater Noida

Date:   13th May 2012, Sunday

RegistrationTime      :           5:45 AM

StartTime                  :           6:30 AM


 A TeamTime Trial (TTT) is a road-based bicycle racein which teams of cyclists race against the clock

Teams start at equal intervals,usually two, three or four minutes apart.

Unlike Individual Time Trials wherecompetitors are not permitted to 'draft' (ride in the slipstream)behind each other, in team time trials, riders in each team employ this astheir main tactic, each member taking a turn at the front while team-mates 'sitin' behind. After their turn, the lead rider will swing over, allowing the nextrider to take the lead, while the leader goes to the back of the team.

Teamwith the best time wins the race.

RaceFormat:  Team Time Trial 13th may 2012

·        Team size- Maximum 6 riders. Minimum4 riders

·        Minimum of 4 riders to finish fromeach team to qualify.

·        Time of the 4th rider ofa team will be the team time.

·        Team Timings in ascending order willbe posted on GKB Event page on Facebook

Course:  Expressway, Greater Noida

Distance: 20.60 kms.

StartPoint- Front of Bus Stand- Beginning ofExpressway

Finish Point:   Startingpoint of Yamuna Expressway.

Category :     OpenCategory (18+)


No team member shall draft behind amotor vehicle. Race shall be marshaled by volunteers on motor cycles/cars. Ifany team member is found to have drafted, behind a motor vehicle, the entireteam shall be disqualified. The word of the marshal shall be final and bindingon the disqualified team.

Safety & Security:

For each rider, it’s mandatory to wear helmets.
This is a friendly race. No special arrangements in respect to safety &security along the race course have been made. Each rider will race at theirown risk and responsibility.
All riders will follow traffic rules.

All riders are expected to ride back from Pari chowk to the registration desk.

Race Director: Col. Vijay Dhawan(Spotty) @ 9971888528 & Mr. Pushpender Chaudhary @ 9811981365

For any information or emergency on the day of the race,riders may contact Col. Dhawan or Pushpender

Parking,cycle assembly and registration: HCL building opposite the bus stand (starting point).

Directionsto Parking and registration desk:

Set your odometer to ‘0’ in front ofthe bus stand at the start of the express way------------

Drive 5.4 kms.------ take a U-turninto the service lane---drive another 1.4 kms. -----take a left turn and reachthe service lane on the other side of the express way---take a right turn anddrive 3.6 Kms. on the service lane and you will see the HCL building on yourleft hand side.