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Watching your child ride along into the horizon all by themselves on their very own bicycle is always a parent’s fondest memory. Learning how to ride a bicycle is a milestone in every kid’s life, teaching them to rely on their instincts, and perfecting their balance. Bicycle-riding induces a sense of independence into kids.

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Looking forward to buying a bicycle for kids from Firefox? We’re here to guide you.

A wide range of kids bikes from Firefox! Our kids bikes are specially designed with International quality standards. Each of these bikes is meant to provide superior comfort while providing zing of energy to your kids. If you wish to send your kids off to a new #EverydayAdventure, Firefox kids cycle isthe perfect choice for you.

Our range of kids bicycles is based on a fictional theme of superheroes known as the Planet Foxers! 3 kids- Sophie, Mahir and Zubin want to save Mother Earth from pollution. Sophie gains the power of making cyclones and twisters and becomes Stormyum! With the power of spouting fire and dazzling speed, Mahir becomes Meteorider while Zubin acquires the power of waves and the ability to control water to become Zunami! The trio becomes The Planet Foxers and fight against all odds and continues to save our planet from pollution.

With Planet Foxers on two wheels, inspire your kids to follow their dreams and goals while giving something back Mother Nature!

How to choose the right bike for your child?

We have categorised the bikes as per age groups. Bringing to you a range known as Lil Foxers, these bikes are fun and safe for toddlers between ages 3-5 years.

Stepping up, we have Super Power bikes under the category of Planet Foxers (Bikes) for kids between ages 5-7 years and Childrens Bikes for 7 - 9 years!

Here is a size chart that will help you pick up the perfect kids bike for girls and boys.

Height Tire Size
88 Cms to 101 Cms 36 Cms
99 Cms to 116 Cms 41 Cms
114 Cms to 132 Cms 51 Cms