Stanchion Fluoro Oil (Stanchion Lube)

Rs. 830/-

Stanchion Fluoro Oil is a pure DuPont liquid fluoropolymer oil. So slippery it even improves the surface slip of Teflon-coated surfaces! It is a surface treatment that is distinctly different and better than solid fluoropolymers like PTFE . Stanchion Fluoro oil will improve the performance and extend the life of fork stanchions, eliminate fork stiction and condition your fork’s rubber seals and o-rings. Can also be used to lubricate inner cable wires, spoke nipples, elastomer suspension components, and derailleur/brake pivot bolts. 15g Bottle with felt pad and extension straw.


SKU # 22162

  • 100% Pure Liquid Teflon® fluoropolymer
  • Eliminates stiction, rejuvenates and protects seals
  • Extends fork life
  • Excellent for derailleur pivots and cables – especially Teflon® coated cables