Super Bike Wash 1 Ltr with Spray Nozle

Rs. 960/-
Finish Line's Super Bike Wash™ quickly cleans dirt, clay, road grime and chain gunk off your bike.Super Bike Wash™ uses state of the art, eco-friendly cleaning agents that work together to create a high speed cleaning system.


SKU # 22163

  • Bike cleaner offers "squirt on, hose off" ease of use; non-corrosive, biodegradable compound quickly cleans dirt, clay, road grime, and chain soils
  • Five unique cleaning agents create high speed cleaning effect; two rust and oxidation inhibitors protect metal surfaces and prevent flash rusting
  • Special anti-static agent helps minimize after-wash dust adhesion
  • Safe for all bike surfaces including titanium, aluminum, fiberglass, clear coat, chrome, rubber, plastic, vinyl and leather