It’s been a few months now that Firefox Bikes has been using #EverydayAdventure as a slogan, as a mantra. Our products, our events, our publications, everything talk about #EverydayAdventure.

As a brand we strongly believe that our lives can be made more exciting and less mundane by just shifting transport to bicycles. This ranges from commuting to work, running errands or grocery shopping, exercise in the morning or leisure rides on the weekends. Adventure should not necessarily mean hitting the trails on the weekends or biking down a hillside. Adventure is what we make of it.

More than anything, riding makes us slow down and experience the world around us in all its glory. Riding a bike forces the rider to constantly acknowledge the surroundings and interact with them. You notice the hawker on the roadside trying to convince passersby to buy his wares, the beggar asking for food and a little change, also the cop enforcing the traffic rules. Every ride on a bike is different, even if the route and agenda is the same.

As we move into the New Year, consider the endless possibilities of riding to work, riding to the nearby park, riding to your sabzi waala, it goes on and on. Take a journey with us as we ride into 2018 together. Grab a bike, any bike, whatever catches your fancy and hit the road.

Forget about your resolutions about losing weight or becoming fit or making sure you make the best of your gym membership. When you make a bicycle a part of your everyday, all the fitness and health goals you were aiming for will immediately fall into place.