In fact, if you are looking at losing some weight before the start of the new year, then cycling is the perfect exercise for weight-loss and body toning. When it’s cold, your body is as it is struggling to increase your body temperature, so while you ride in the cold, you not only burn more calories, but your body also learns to use oxygen much more efficiently.

Here is a list of things you should definitely work on to get the most out of the cold winters and biting chill.

  • Dress appropriately
    Most sports brands have exercise gear for the winters, so you don’t need to venture out in plain only riding shorts. Remember, there is not such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

  • Invest in lights
    Not just for the handle bar but also for the seat post. More than your visibility, the lights are to make you visible to other people on the road, especially if its foggy when you ride.

  • Mind your extremities
    In the cold, your body is working at keeping your warm. This results in your hands and feet becoming cold and stiff. If you live in a town that isn’t too cold or tend to cycle in the afternoons, light gloves will do. Early mornings or after sundown, you need nice gloves with insulation.

  • Insulated Water Bottle
    You might not be sweating it out like you would in the summers or you might believe that you need as much as water since you are quite cold. But you always, always, need water as long as you are exerting yourself in any way. An insulated water bottle will keep the water from becoming ice cold!

  • Well-gripped shoes
    Yes, we do not live in a country that gets covered by snow in the winters, but there is always frost. The pedals on your bike can become slippery in this weather, same with the ground. So, make sure the soles on your shoes are good with friction and not worn out.

Don’t run from the weather! Get going. Get cycling. Its your #EverydayAdventure!