Every conversation by Firefox Bikes is backed by #EverydayAdventure. More than just a slogan, it is a mantra woven into all our operations – from events to products. #EverydaydayAdventure is not set in stone but is defined by what you make of your daily routine, with a whole lot more excitement. Every individual makes their own #EverydayAdventure, whether it’s in the commute, when running errands or in the morning ride around the neighbourhood. Your adventure it how you make your everyday less mundane and bring more excitement to the simple rhythms of your day-to-day life!

The endless possibilities of fresh experiences every time you head out on your bikes are truly mind boggling. The motion of riding is mechanical and yet therapeutic. It’s relaxing and yet adrenaline pumping. You control your ride, you control the pace. Firefox Bikes is determined to inspire everyone to start controlling the pace of their everyday. Slowly, as a society, we will move toward #EverydayAdventure.

It's quite simple. Log on to: http://bit.ly/EvAdCampaign

  • - Register with your Facebook account
  • - Upload a video / article
  • - Hang in there while we review
  • - Check your registered email for the shareable link
  • - Share the link with your friends for votes

Share your story with us and other riders. Take a video of your ride catching all your experiences and the difference that a cycle makes to an otherwise normal day. Write an article about your #EverydayAdventure and elaborate how cycling impacts your life. If you are someone with an imagination, then tell us experiences you would like to have, experiences you would like to share, experiences that could inspire other individuals to start riding!

Together, we can build #EverydayAdventure to be greater than all of us and impact our daily live. After your share your video/article, share it with your friends to get more votes. If your story inspires a lot of people, we will share it to our social pages and you will become one of the riders to promote the movement. If your story is truly inspiring and wins the highest votes, Firefox Bikes will gift you the latest bike for being an Ambassador of #EverydayAdventure.