There is something about riding a bicycle that keeps people coming back for more. Even with unending technological advancements, there are always those who clamour for the excitement and adventure that can only be brought about by the constant pedalling of the feet. However, fitness freaks and other bicycle enthusiasts are always testing their limits and trying to take on new challenges. That being so, bike manufacturers are trying to meet these demands by manufacturing high-end bicycles customised for those desired purposes.

A high-end bicycle should always be light enough so as not to sacrifice the durability and performance of the bike. But, it should also not be too light as that can jeopardise the biker's safety. Then, of course, there is the issue of style. The bike should obviously appeal to the eyes while simultaneously making sure that the style quotient doesn't overshadow the performance of the bike itself.

With such challenges to consider, Firefox bikes are equipped with the right resources and have the right experience to construct the perfect bike for you. An Indian cycling enthusiast has to look no further than Firefox bikes to buy high end cycles in India. Here are some of the best premium cycles that you will find to be worth every cent in your pocket.

Firefox Origine 700C

First up on our list of high-end bikes is the stylish Origine 700C. This performance intensive bike comes in a frame size of 18 and 19.5 inches and is made of Alloy Hybrid Smooth weld with internal cabling. With a front suspension made of Alloy Rigid Fork and competitive front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, this bike can traverse through tricky terrains and territories.

Firefox Surfelo

Simply on the basis of looks, Surfelo can make even the stoic of bikers swoon with its unconventional blue look. However, Surfelo is more than just a pretty face. Its highly efficient lightweight body also makes it a smart buying choice. Like Origine 700C, Surfelo also comes in frame sizes of 45.72 and 49.53 cms. Its drive-train is highly swift and responsive. Its lightweight comfortable saddle makes it the best bicycle for long rides. The efficient lightweight features and versatile look of the bike make it perfect for a morning ride across the city.

Firefox Volante

When it comes to hybrid premium bikes, it arguably doesn't get any better than the effortlessly pragmatic Volante. Its design is a perfect balance of style and comfort that many riders look for in a bike. The bike comes with features such as a rigid fork that helps in increased road sensitivity and ride feedback, internal cabling for uninterrupted performance, full palm grip support for longer rides and a smooth welded frame composing a uni-body style. The bike comes in two eye-catching colours, matte blue and matte red, and frame sizes ranging from 18 to 21 inches. This bike is perfect for those who are looking forward to a fascinating urban getaway.

Firefox Nuke 29

The name says it all. A lightweight bike that not only looks good but also makes for a smooth riding experience. Nuke 29 is constructed with components that equip the bike with a superior performance worthy of both, off-road jaunts and city rides. In fact, its ability to endure the roughest of terrains is what makes it worth buying. The 29er wheel size of the bike makes traversing rough terrains look like a walk in the park. Specs like a body made up of strong alloy hardtail MTB frame and Tektro hydraulic brakes should appeal to the most die-hard fitness freaks and crazy off-road riders.

Firefox Soulfly

No matter how rickety the terrain or how steep the mountain, Soulfly will get you through it all. The bike was tailor-made for those long rides beyond civilisation that one takes in search of an adventure. The bike is equipped with a lightweight comfortable saddle which is perfect for long rides. Its smooth power braking and a durable Alloy MTB body ensure utmost safety. With Soulfly, comfort and fun go hand in hand.

Firefox Stravaro

Of all the bikes listed here, Stravaro is the most minimalistic. Although still stylish in looks, it is more concerned in giving the rider a practical off-road biking experience. It is equipped with high-grade Shimano hydraulic brakes for power braking and internal cabling for a more cleaner, uninterrupted performance. For those infatuated with the overall style, they will find themselves spoilt for choice between colours such as the exuberant orange or the sleek looking silver.

Cyclists really don't have to go on an extensive search to look for high end cycles in India. Firefox with its versatile catalogue of high-end premium bikes provides some of the best cycles in the market.