Bike Illustrative  / 4 August, 2017

Be Biker-Ready for the Monsoons

With the monsoons raining down on us, a little caution is imperative!

By: Firefox Bikes

For those who want to continue their bike adventures, or every day chores on their bikes despite the rain – here are a few pointers that could make your bike ride a little easier. After all, a bike ride should be enjoyed with every panting breath.

First off, dress for the occasion. Breathable materials that dry easy should be your go to. For safety sake, wear bright colours and stay away from dark blues and black. Rains reduce visibility and you want to be noticed. Again, purely safety reasons! It’s a good thing Firefox cycles come in a range of colours.

You don’t want your thighs chaffed at the end of your ride. Apply ample amount of cream / oil onto your inner thigh before you start on your ride.

Make sure your lights are on at all times, irrespective of time of day. Motorists are not kind to riders to start with so let’s try to make the situation easier on everyone.

Moisture on the rims and brake pads reduces your braking capability, so brake before you break. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the roads and start braking earlier than you normally would.

If you must cycle with your phone on you – invest in a waterproof mobile pouch!!!! It’s one of the most basic bike accessories.

This should not have to be said but always – ALWAYS – wear a helmet. Always.

Remember, be safe and you will naturally enjoy your ride. Every rider knows, almost nothing compares to the simple pleasures of riding a bike. Let us know if we have missed something that deserves a mention on this list!

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