Cycling in India as a sport and as a hobby is on an upward trend. As the Indian citizen moves towards higher disposable incomes and becomes more health conscious, buying, and more importantly, regularly using a bicycle has come back in vogue. With a number of options to choose from in the market, how do you ensure you that buy the right bicycle for yourself? To answer this question, you need to understand two important aspects of a bicycle, function and fashion.

The Function Behind the Bicycle

The biggest questions to ask when you want to go and buy a bicycle are: “How much is my budget?”, and "What will I use the bicycle for?" Answering these two questions can go a long way in choosing the right bicycle for you. If you are looking at bicycling as a sport, then the premium range models with hydraulic brakes, carbon fibre frames, and top-grade suspension may be the right ones for you. If you are looking at cycling as more of a hobby, then a sturdy metal bike may suit.

Of course, the purpose of using the bicycle is important in terms of desirability of the models. However, if you desire something, it does not necessarily mean that you can buy it. Carbon fibre frames are more expensive than metal. Better suspension costs more. Therefore, you need to keep in mind your budget while also taking into account the purpose.

The Fashion Behind the Bicycle

Whether you are taking up bicycling for fitness, hobby or as a sport, a bicycle becomes an extension of your personality. Just as your clothes are a function of your personality and sartorial choices, so is your bicycle. Therefore, ‘fashion’ is a very important aspect while choosing a bicycle in 2019. So, just what are the fashion fundas behind buying the correct bicycle for yourself? This question can be answered with one concept; the bike's anatomy.

The first vital aspect of ‘fashionable’ bike anatomy is the frame. Do you want a frame made of metal or carbon fibre? A carbon fibre frame is light enough to let you carry your bicycle around with one hand. If you prefer a metal frame, then you will find many options to choose from, such as steel, aluminium or titanium? The look and feel of the frame is an important aspect of 'fashion'.

The second vital part is the 'contact points' or points where your body anatomy comes in contact with the bike anatomy. Not looking awkward is an important part of the fashion aspect of a bike. Do you want the handlebar flat, curved or drop? Do you want your pedals flat? Do you want toe-clips or clipless? These factors need to be deliberated over before making a decision.

Three Bikes to Buy in 2019

Depending on the fashion and function levels you are seeking, Firefox bikes bring you three new cycles in 2019 which are the perfect amalgamation of fashion and function.

Mountrail by Firefox- The high-fashion high-function mountain darling

Costing a sweet INR 52,000, the Mountrail is one of the newest offerings by Firefox. Consisting of an Alloy Hardtail MTB Smooth weld with internal cabling and a front hydraulic suspension, the Mountrail is the dream bike for the bicycle enthusiast who wants to pursue mountain biking or cycling in general as a sport.

Origine 700c by Firefox- The high-functioning hybrid

Much like the Mountrail, the Origine 700c is a premium offering from Firefox. How it differs from the Mountrail is its utility. While the Mountrail is a pure mountain bike with the premium features for the bike lover, the Origine 700c is a hybrid, combining the best of road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes. While the Mountrail is the darling of the mountains, the versatile nature of the Origine makes it suitable for a range of applications.

Rapid Corale 700 C by Firefox

While the Mountrail and Origine 700c are unisex bikes that can be utilised by both the genders, the Rapid Corale 700c is one of Firefox’s offerings exclusively for females. With a women-specific frame design, superior lightweight alloy frame, and a 7-speed gear shifter, the Rapid Corale 700c is truly a delight for female bike-lovers.

The aforementioned featured bikes are amongst a number of Firefox bikes new cycle arrivals in 2019. No matter the reason why you are buying the bike, make sure to remember the two vital parameters while choosing a bike: the functional and the fashionable aspects of it. If you are a cycling lover, choosing the right bike makes a vital difference. Happy biking in 2019!