Goodness is the only investment that never fails – Henry David Thoreau.

Stimulated by a sense of responsibility and a strong will to give back to the society, Firefox Bikes has completed yet another year of undertaking effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The company has teamed up with Volunteer4India and Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) to launch its #EverydayAbility program, an initiative to inspire and exhibit inclusivity, equal opportunity, and possible employability of people with disabilities (PWD). Here’s a brief outline of all the CSR activities that Firefox Bikes successfully undertook in 2018:

Rock Climbing Activity: Reaching Greater Heights

It was the second session of Firefox Bikes’ rock climbing program. Organised on 26th May 2018, this CSR activity was aimed at breaking free from the misconceptions that surround disability. As part of the initiative, PWDs from ABBF attempted rock climbing under the guidance of safety instructors and volunteers. The day remained witness to the courage and determination of the PWDs even as one of them succeeded in climbing to the top of the wall.

Cricket with India’s Blind Cricket Team: Overcoming Challenges

In a country where cricket is more of a religion than a sport, it was interesting to experiment with the game so that the PWDs got to enjoy it. The company got India’s blind cricket team to play friendly matches with the PWDs and the volunteers. With subtle changes like putting bells inside the cricket ball, the game got on really well. The emphasis was on highlighting that success in any field was possible if the society stopped looking at disabilities as hindrances.

Confined Scuba Diving: Conquering Depths

Physical disability notwithstanding, it is the mental block that the society has towards the PWDs that often creates obstacles in their ways of attaining success. Firefox Bikes’ confined scuba diving activity was aimed at overcoming such mental blocks for the society by showing them what PWDs could do. It was really inspiring to witness PWDs, as well as able-bodied people, trusting the instructors equally and going under water.

Rappelling Activity: Transcending Restrictions

As part of the company’s continued efforts to bring together PWDs and able-bodied people through various adventure sports like blind football, paramotoring, etc., it organised a rappelling activity on 10th February 2018 in Hyderabad. The rappelling point was reached after a bit of rock climbing. It was very encouraging to witness how the PWDs and able-bodied people conquered their fears and depended on each other to make it through the tricky terrain.

Wall Climbing: Defying Limits

Reaching for greater heights is everyone’s right, and Firefox Bikes’ CSR activity of wall climbing proved this point to the T. The activity saw the participation of both, PWDs and able-bodied people. For the onlookers, it was an inspiring event to watch the participants complete the activity together. It wasn’t only about conquering great heights, but also about conquering the wrong notion that adventure sports are only for the able-bodied people.

Blind Football: Dominating Constraints

Playing blind football not only requires concentration but teamwork as well. Firefox Bikes was able to make sure that the PWDs did not just play the game but enjoyed it as well. To make the game suitable for them, bells were introduced inside the ball. Regardless of who won or lost the game, the ultimate winner was the human spirit that endeavoured to shine over the struggles and emerge as a winner.

The company is hopeful that 2019 will remain witness to many more such moments of successful CSR initiatives.