#EverydayAdventure / 27 July, 2018

Cricket With India’s Blind Cricket Team!

Firefox Bikes And Adventure Beyond Barriers For #EverydayAbility

By: Firefox Bikes

With #EverydayAdventure as a guiding principle, Firefox Bikes came back with another exciting event through #EverydayAbility. Through our #EverydayAbility movment, we promote activities that look beyond barriers created by disabilities to form an inclusive society. So we continued our collaboration with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF), facilitated through Volunteer4India, to kick start the movement.

We believe that our lives can be more exciting by including cycling and other such sports. Having run this campaign successfully for more than a year with the visually impaired individuals, amputees, hearing impaired and more, we entered the second event of the second year! Over the years, we have come up with many events like rock climbing, scuba diving and paramotoring. This time, we organized Blind Cricket in Ahmedabad on 21st July.

ABBF founder Divyanshu Ganatra began the event with a briefing session about the game and addressed all enthusiastic participants and volunteers about the objective of the activity and the need for PWDs and able-bodied to work together. He also gave the safety instructions and explained the rules after which the game began. ABBF team, along with Volunteers from V4I and Firefox Team came together for a round of blind cricket. It was exciting to see how such a popular game can change our perspective towards disability, when played with subtle changes. With bells inside cricket balls, our team played so well that we couldn’t help ourselves from being a part of the game!

Cricket is not just a sport in India, it’s an emotion altogether!

It was an adventurous event! Having known facts about how everyone quarrels over issues like minority and castes, it is essential that we look at an inclusive society where we treat the disabled and abled-bodied alike. We truly believe and strive for a world where we can celebrate similarities, and not differences between on another. Through #EverydayAbility, we hope to tell people that our lives can be exciting with a little adventure, no matter the kind of obstacles we face. There is always something to look forward to and life does not stop even when some part of your body does.

This year, the movement began in Bangalore where we came together for riding and wall climbing. It was followed by rock climbing and rappelling in Hyderabad, confined scuba diving in Chennai and rock climbing in Mumbai. Blind Cricket in Ahmedabad, our latest event that took place in July will be followed by more such exciting events throughout the year.

After the adventurous game ended, everyone spoke about their experience and learnings. Players from the Blind Cricket Team motivated everyone by sharing their personal story and how they see a bright future through the sport. The volunteers expressed their gratitude for being part of such a splendid event that stirred them to look at life with a new perspective.

Such activities bring people together, creating an inclusive society that looks at life positively. With every event, we work towards breaking myths and misconceptions about disabilities and such positive responses always leaves us overwhelmed. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with ABBF and thank Volunteer4India for facilitating this inclusive movement!

Join us in our next events and show your support to an inclusive society that believes in equality beyond boundaries!

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