The city of Jaipur, with its ‘Old World Feel’ is best experiences on foot or on two wheels. There exists a different energy on the streets, almost like the spirits of times past still linger. To take you around the city, covering all the sites of heritage and architecture, markets and trade centres, and most importantly food hubs, we have listed out a few cycling tours of Jaipur!

  • Jaipur City Tour
    Many cycling groups and tourism agencies offer the city tour. The tour starts at around 7 am at Narayan Singh circle, goes passed the Jal Mahal and then ride up to the Amer Fort. From here, you explore Amer village before cycling back to the city.

  • Nahargarh Cycling Expedition
    For the adrenaline junky looking to push their strength and endurance, the steep climb of Nahargarh is definitely a must do. From the summit, you have a beautiful view of the Man Sagar Lake and the Pink City of Jaipur. The ride back down the hillside is more rewarding after the climb up!

  • The Golden Triangle
    If you are looking at getting away from the city and escaping to a world of serenity and finding yourself – the Golden Triangle is truly a test of spirit! Through 8 days, you ride through Delhi – Agra – Bharatpur – Karauli – Jaipur – Delhi. If done with a cycling group or tour group, you spend extra time in Jaipur and Agra sightseeing and soaking in the magnificence of cities old.

  • The Royal Tour
    Another interesting city tour is that of the mahals or forts Jaipur. The tour covers Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort. However, this is best done in the early hours of summer days or in the early evenings in the winter. The weather in Jaipur is a big factor in picking cycling routes.

  • Shopping Centres
    To experience the culture, surrounded in colour, head to the main shopping markets of Jaipur. Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar and Johari Bazaar to name a few. Cycle through the crowded lanes and soak in the history, heritage and magic of trade and street shopping in its truest form.

Jaipur is especially exciting for those interested in architecture and history. A note of caution, before venturing out in Jaipur, make sure you are equipped for the weather. Hydration is extremely important and can have dire consequences if ignored. Best to enjoy your rides with safety in place!

If you would like us to cover a city we haven’t yet, let us know and we will make sure we incorporate it! Share your #EverydayAdventure with us. Share your ride with us.