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What’s your type of bicycle? A Cyclist’s Mind-Boggle.

The perennial question for every amateur cyclist!

By: Firefox Bikes

You have heard about the benefits to your health and the eco-friendly traits of a bicycle. You have even indulged in passing on the gyaan to your peers. Now, the task of picking a bike for yourself – a city bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid?

Fret not; Firefox is here to help you decide.

Road Bike or City Bike
As the name suggests, a city bike is for those who want to use their bike within the confines of a city, with asphalt roads or cemented floors. Even if you plan to leave the city but stick to highways, a city bike is for you. A road bike or city bike has a light frame and slim tires. As they are designed for flat surfaces, and not for rough terrain, these bikes don’t have strong suspension systems. So these bikes are not capable of shock absorption. Do keep in mind, these bikes are not for those who have a weak back due to the riding position.

Trail Bike or Mountain Bike
Now, you are leaving the city to get onto rough terrain or going mountain-biking then you need a trail bike or mountain bike. The frame is heavier than a city bike and the suspension system is built for shock absorption. The tires are thicker than city bikes, with significant treads that help grab the bumpy surface. This helps reduce your sheer effort in propelling the bike forward by your own strength. Keep in mind, these bikes come with straight handlebars that could become tedious if used on paved trails for long distances.

Hybrid Bike
At this point, you might be looking at the hybrid as a convenient compromise between the mountain bike and the city bike. You could be onto something. A hybrid bike combines the rugged resilience of a mountain bike with the comfort and build of a city bike. They tend to have an upright riding position but are easily adjustable to road or trail riding. Best way to pick a hybrid is to understand what type of usage you have as a rider. If you are more city based then pick a hybrid with thinner tires but if you plan to use the bike on rougher terrain then pick a hybrid with a thicker tire.

Or, if nothing else, hybrid just has a nice ring to it. Let us know if you have more inputs on this critical decision!

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