Imagine a picturesque mountain, full of lush greenery, pleasant weather, and you with your beloved bicycle. But throughout the ride, you experience unpleasant bumps at every turn, leaving your back aching and your entire body sore! Not quite the ride, right?

This is where the miracle word – ‘suspension’ comes in! A full suspension mountain bike (MTB) absorbs shocks during such rough patches or big drops, and helps the rider maintain speed and gain control. A full suspension bike keeps the rear wheel connected more stably, allowing better traction during climbs, and promises speed. These bikes manage this by sucking up, or ‘absorbing’ the bike-stopping impact, and can generally go a distance of 100mm to 120 mm before the suspension is fully compressed. A full suspension bicycle, thus comes with more complex components, like 1 or 2 shock absorbers that soften the impact by compressing and rebounding. This quick description must have helped you understand ‘why full suspension mountain bike’ right?

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the full suspension options that Firefox Bikes offers in its wide range of MTBs:

1). Firefox Dart Pro D 21S



Specifications: -

Sizes: 18" (45 Cms)

Frame: Steel Full Suspension

Front Suspension: ZOOM Suspension travel 50mm (5 Cms)

Rear Suspension: CH201, Steel 750LB


The Dart Pro D 21S is a 26” full suspension bicycle by Firefox Bikes, priced at Rs. 18, 778. The bicycle offers both front and rear suspension, with a 50 mm travel, meaning that the bicycle can easily go a distance of 5 cm before hitting the ‘fully compressed’ mark. This one, thus makes for a great option for anyone who is willing to shell out a decent amount for good control during rough terrain rides, and a superior cycling experience.


2). Firefox Razor D




Specifications: -

Sizes: 18" (45 Cms)

Frame: Steel Full Suspension

Front Suspension: ZOOM, 50mm (5 Cms)

Rear Suspension: Steel, 750LB


The Razor D, with its bright, fluorescent green and matt black frame, is an eye-catcher. This bike too, is a decently prized 26” MTB costing Rs. 16,700. The bicycle, again, offers both front and rear suspension, with a 50 mm travel.

With both Razor D and Dart Pro D 21s falling into a similar price bracket, and offering a full suspension design, one surely has a tough choice to make. Go for the former if you are looking for a wider gear range, with Dart Pro D’s 21 speed gears. On the other hand, those of you who prefer to go for fewer gears, the Razor D, with 7 speed gears, might be the preferred choice.


3). Firefox Raptor



Specifications: -

Sizes: 18" (45 Cms) & 19.5" (49 Cms)

Frame: Alloy Full Suspension

Front Suspension: SR Suntour Suspension fork, 75mm (7.5 Cms)

Rear Suspension: KS-261,Steel 750LB


While the previously mentioned bicycles come with a ZOOM suspension, the Firefox Raptor comes with a SR Suntour Suspension fork, and a 75 mm travel. So, if you are looking for longer distance suspension support, this one can be your pick. Priced at Rs. 26,600, this 26” cycle can be the perfect option for those who are willing to invest in their bike on the higher side.


Full Suspension or Hardtail?

Firefox Bikes has a number of 27.5” full suspensionand 29” full suspension mountain bike options. Apart from these, you can also look for Hardtail MTBs in the range. Refer to the table below to know more about them:



Suspension Type

Tire Size


Nuke D 27S

SUNTOUR XCT suspension with hydraulic lockout, 100 mm (10 Cms) travel


Rs. 31,900

Nexus D

Zoom Suspension Fork


Rs. 12,700


ZOOM Front Suspension, 60mm (6 Cms)


Rs. 22,100

X-Siege 27.5D

SR SUNTOUR XCT hydraulic lockout, 100mm (10 Cms) travel


Rs. 36,500

Tremor D 29

SR Suntour Suspension fork, 75mm (7.5 Cms)


Rs. 24,000

Mountana 21V 29er

ZOOM Suspension fork, 60mm (6 Cms)


Rs. 17,400

Nuke 29

SR Suntour XCT hydraulic lockout 100mm (10 Cms)


Rs. 32,900

Maxumis D 29er

SR Suntour XCT hydraulic lockout 100mm (10 Cms)


Rs. 27,900


These bicycles, either 27.5” models, or full suspension 29er come only with front suspension (hardtail bikes). While full suspension bicycles offer suspension shock absorbers at the front and rear of the bicycle, hardtail variants only provide suspension at the front.

This distinction may make you wonder, what difference does the type of suspension make to the frame. So, let’ now know a little about a full suspension bike frame.

The simplest identification is that full suspension bicycles come with heavier frames as compared to hardtail models. The frame size offers more stability and control over challenging terrains, as also increased speed. They thus come with a more aggressive look, which is preferred by many riders. Additionally, full suspension bikes have slightly thinner tyres than hardtail bikes, which are known for their 27.5” or 29” tyre size. So, you can consider a 26” tyre as the right wheel size for full suspension MTB.


How to maintain a full suspension MTB

While a full suspension bicycle is a blessing for any mountain biker, here are a few full suspension MTB maintenance tips for you to keep your beloved bicycle up are running!

How to check for possible damages:

-         check for friction by pressing down on the saddle (through the travel)

-         twist the rear of the bike (by keeping the saddle in place) and look for wear and tear

-         check for dirt and gravel stuck in the bushing surface

 Tips on maintaining the suspension of your MTB:

-         wash the bicycle even when not used, but avoid spraying directly on the bushing, bearing or pivots

-         keep a close eye on the lubrication

-         if your suspension has developed a play/stop, you might want to think about changing the bushing


FAQs about full suspension MTBs

Q). How much travel do full suspension mountain bikes have?

Full suspension MTBs generally come with a 100mm to 120mm travel, meaning that they can go a distance of 10 cm to 12 cm before reaching full compression. However, Firefox Bikes also has options that come with a travel of 5 cm or 7.5 cm.


Q). Are full suspension mountain bikes worth their weight?

As previously mentioned, full suspension MTBs are generally heavier than hardtail MTBs. This makes them sturdier across undulating terrains, and allows them to absorb shocks more effectively.


With this quick guide on full suspension MTBs in India, you can now make a well-informed selection while buying a mountain bike.