The feeling of riding a bike. The sheer joy of riding on two wheels and creating your own adventure. With that thought in mind, we have launched a new range of bikes for your little ones, for your li’s Foxers.

For kids aged 3 to 5 years, we have 3 new bikes in exciting colours options.

The Drako, the Daintee and the Monstran have been created as the perfect match to kids who are just starting out on their bikes. The bikes are positioned such that they can be gifted to little children too – to your favourite niece, to your best friend’s son or even your grandchild!

Each bike comes in multiple colour options. While the Drako and the Monstran are for girls and boys, the Daintee is made specifically for girls. The frame is little lower so that climbing onto the bike and getting off the cycles becomes easier. And keeping with the design of the range, each cycle comes with matching training wheels that are easily detachable.

So, head to the closest store and pick up the perfect gift for you child!