Every good rider knows that a bike needs accessories, some necessary and some optional, but still required! These accessories are for the bike and the rider too. For every accessory, we have option for you in colours and types. From helmets in different materials, gloves of different fits to bottles of different capacities and riding apparel for different weather conditions. You can check out the whole catalogue here.

We have a fresh range of absolutely necessary accessories that every rider must invest in. Check them out below, we’ve also added links so you can buy them today!

  • Helmets
    Many people believe that a helmet isn’t required on a cycle and is only needed on a bike. The truth is far from this. If you are riding on two wheels, you absolutely need a helmet.

  • Lights
    Whether you tend to ride during daylights hours or after hours, you need lights on your bike! Lights are of two types, one, for you to be able to see and two, for others to be able to see you.

  • Gloves
    Gloves might seem like an optional accessory, but they make your rider more efficient and reduce the strain on your hands. Gloves not only protect your hands from the wind, but they also reduce the vibrations to your palms and hence the strain to your hands. They provide required protection to know knuckles in case of an accident!

  • Bells
    For the most part, a cycle bell can’t be heard on a crowded street. But a cycle bell isn’t used to clear the road, it’s used only to warn a pedestrian/cyclist immediately in front of you or around a corner. Bells add to the safety of your ride.

There you have it, 4 accessories that you must pick up asap if you haven’t got them already. Add to this a bottle and a bottle cage and you are good to go!
Ride safe. Ride prepared!