Heroes. Superheroes. Planet Foxers!

We all grew up with heroes to look up to. Some of us grew up with Phantom, some with He-Man, some with Superman and Batman, and still some with Shaktimaan and Doga! In the war between DC and Marvel, with all its violence and adult content, we have no created a superhero universe that your children can become a part of.

The Planet Foxers are here and they are looking for justice, with a dash of fun! Firefox has created a whole new universe for children to explore, and explore they will on their new rides! The three bikes in this range are designed around the three superheroes – Zunami, Stormyum and Meteorider.

  • If your child is a born leader and winner who enjoys solving puzzles and problems, he is just like Zunami. He is fair, he is smart and he is cuts through all obstacles riding on water waves, just like your son cuts through any obstacle and any hurdle.

  • If your child is athletic with a flair of naughtiness who enjoys having fun while helping people, she is just like Stormyum. She is sporty, she is funny and she can clear up any mess with a gush of strong wind, the same way your daughter is not daunted by anything!

  • And finally, if your child is competitive and determined who is always willing to help his friends and helping people get out of any trouble, then he is just like Meteorider. He is active, he is helpful and he will always come to your aid with flames of speed!

These are our new heroes – always looking for justice, always looking to help but always looking to have fun!

Explore the Planet Foxers universe with your child: www.firefoxbike.com/planetfoxers