To ride a Firefox is an experience in itself, but we went ahead and made it better! Our new premium range of bikes boast high-end performance, style, design and they’re built to let you aim for the stars. With class-leading specs and built for pro-performance, our new premium range of bikes are perfect for those wanting the performance of a high-end bike and a ride that is a gliding dream. Our high-end range of bikes are made keeping in mind superior quality that defines a superior riding experience. With upgraded features and designs that deliver the finest performance, our luxurious bikes are all set to conquer terrains, ensuring unstoppable #EverydayAdventures. This new range includes five incredible bikes - Soulfly, Surfelo, Stravaro, Nuke and Volante.

  • Soulfly:
    With a soul of a lion, Soufly is the dream of every mountain rider! Built with an alloy frame, this tough hybrid MTB has Shimano Acera M3000 3*9 speed shifters that will set your soul on fire! The bike is built to deliver a highly refined ride quality in the city and even in the most difficult of terrains. If you are looking to experience fun & adventure, this bike offers unparalleled performance with comfort & style.
    Ride to the mountains and enjoy an uncaged #EverydayAdventure!

  • Surfelo:
    There are hybrids, and then there is Surfelo! A one-of-a-kind top performance hybrid that will set your day right! It is designed to zip you through your city adventures effortlessly in style. Be it solo workouts or speedy group rides, this bike has it all! With advanced componentry, alloy frame and Shimano Tiagra 4700 2*10 speed, go on endless urban adventures every day!

  • Stravaro:
    A ride for a refined mountain biking experience, Stravaro is a graceful bike that will make you to dissolve in tranquillity and become one with your surroundings. This alloy frame MTB with Shimano Acera M3000 3*9 speed shifters will be your companion through all terrains. With exciting and sharp minimalist design, it is edgy, handsome and built to rule the trail.
    Go mountain biking and discover an #EverydayAdventure!

  • Nuke:
    A high-end recreational MTB, Nuke is for those who want to experience thunder on wheels! This power-packed alloy frame MTB is equipped with a frame geometry and components that provide superior performance in both city and off-road ride conditions. It comes with Shimano Altus 3*9 speed shifters that will ensure never-ending long rides. With Firefox Nuke, enjoy unstoppable #EverydayAdventure!

  • Volante:
    If you are looking for a stylishly elegant ride that will make heads turn, stop everything and check out the Firefox Volante. This alloy frame purist hybrid with Shimano Acera M3000 3*9 speed shifters will allow you to explore your city with a new perspective.

So take on new urban adventures through uninterrupted smooth cycling sessions, in and beyond the city! We promise that our new High-end range of bikes will blow your mind. Visit our stores and grab your new ride!