There is no escaping the fact that cycling is healthy for us. We cycle to be fit or we cycle as a means to commute or we cycle every now and then as a leisure activity. For children, cycling is not only a physical activity that is no doubt good for them but is also a way to socialise with other children. After all, everyone has childhood memories that involve cycling and friends!

Firefox made it even better. We have created a whole new universe for children to explore, and explore they will on their new rides! The three bikes in this range are designed around three superheroes – Zunami, Stormyum and Meteorider.

  • For the for the born-leader, boy genius, we have Zunami. He is always ready to solve problems and find solutions that are fair.

  • For the determined crime-fighter, packed with girl power, we have Stormyum. Stormyum is fearless and righteous with a flair for fun.

  • And for the funny and helpful one, we have Meteorider. Meteorider is helpful and ready for competition anytime.

  • Together,they are the Planet Foxers! These three heroes embody values that all children should grow up with. They use their powers and abilities to do good and help everyone. But most importantly, the three of them are always on the look out for justice!

The benefits of cycling are innumerable. These cycles will not only keep your children healthy but the Foxers will also help them be better individuals. We are taking it a step further and giving them a way to explore their wildest imagination and fight crimes on their cycles.

To find out more, download our comic, The Planet Foxers, from here: *LP link*