Heroes. Superheroes. Planet Foxers!

Firefox Bikes introduces an enthralling adventure for your little one. Follow the story of 3 eight-year olds, Zubin, Sophia and Mahir who are thirsty for fun and looking for adventure! The 3 protagonists of our story live in the wonderful city of Tilly, India. They became friends over their shared enthusiasm for fairy tales and adventure stories! One day, when out and exploring, they discovered an extra-ordinary treasure - magical bikes with powers. Along with these bikes, they themselves got wonderous powers. With their bikes and powers, they decided to save Mother Earth from the threats that loom and rescue all living beings from injustices and harm.

Zubin got the powers of Zunami and the ability to control waves and water! As Zunami, Zubin becomes the natural leader of the group as he enjoys solving problems and always has presence of mind even in the toughest of situations.

Sophia got the powers of Stormyum with the ability to make cyclones and twisters with her awesome bike! She is always looking for fun and has a wild side to her! She is athletic with a flair of naughtiness but is always prepared to clear up any mess and is not daunted by anything.

Mahir got the powers of Meteorider with a bike that spouts fire and has dazzling speed! He is determined and competitive, and always willing to help get his friends out of trouble.

Together, they go on adventures and help save Mother Earth from all the evils that threaten to harm the environment. Zunami, Stormyum and Meteorider, as the Planet Foxers, are our new heroes – always looking for justice, always looking to help but always looking to have fun!

This summer, in celebration of Mother’s Day, go on an amazing journey with your child and the Planet Foxers to save our planet, our Mother Earth. You can download your free copy of the book here.