If only it could be as simple as that. Safety should always be your priority, especially if you are going to cycle on roads where the underlying sentiment is that you don’t deserve to share the road as motorised vehicles do! So, here is a list of the very basic bike accessories you must have before getting onto the bike – irrespective of the type of bike or the terrain you are cycling on.

Some of these might seem obvious but we feel the need to spell it out anyway.
  • Helmet
    This can NOT be stressed enough. Yes, there are no rules or laws in India about cyclists wearing helmets, but really? Should you depend on a law to make sure you stay safe? Please invest in a helmet before you start cycling the streets.

  • Bell
    While the bell on your cycle won’t be as effective as that on a truck or even be able to move a scooter out of the way, you still need one. How else will you get pesky pedestrians to move out of your path? Yes, shouting can be effective but let’s be a little sensible about this.

  • Seat Cushion
    No, we don’t mean you should steal a pretty cushion from your sofa and place it between you and your bike. But a seat cushion none the less. The most basic would be a gel seat to make sure your rear end doesn’t start hurting before you can even start enjoying your ride!

  • Water Bottle
    Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Please, hydrate. When indulging in any physical activity, it is imperative to stay hydrated to make sure you don’t cramp later on. Stay hydrated to make sure you replenish essential salts that are lost through sweating.

  • Lights
    Day or night, you need lights! Apart from giving you visibility in the dark, lights also help you become visible to traffic on the road. Yes, even during the day!!

Don’t be stingy when it comes to basic safety. These are small investments you must make if you want to truly enjoy your biking experiences. And accessories for bikes come with many many choices…

If we have missed something completely essential, let us know in the comments below!