Firefox Bikes has always looked at #EverydayAdventure as its guiding principle. We believe that our daily lives can be made more interesting and exciting by using cycles to up the adventure and remove the mundane. Naturally, our stand helps us give back to the environment and be eco-friendly.

We felt the need to give back to society too. To help where we can and help people realise that adventure is for everyone. Who better to partner with than Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF)? Volunteer4India facilitated our collaboration and over much consideration, Firefox Bikes and ABBF present #EverydayAbililty.

ABBF, founded by Divyanshu Ganatra, has been working at bringing adventure sports to Persons with Disabilities. They have had years of successful events where visually impaired individuals, amputees, hearing impaired and more have participated in events such as rock climbing, paramotoring, scuba diving, and more.

The #EverydayAbility movement began on 29th October, 2017, in Pune (the home city for ABBF). Firefox Riders and visually impaired individuals from ABBF came together for cycling, trail walking, rappelling and slacklining. The focus of the event was to have able bodied individuals and People with Disabilities walk uneven terrain together, depending on each other and then rappel off a 35 ft drop as well.

The event was a big hit. Towards the end, everyone came together to share their experiences and learnings from the day. With Mr. Ganatra (who is completely blind himself) were also Mr. Prasad and Mr. Ekinath, both partially blind tending to complete blindness, the three spoke about their experiences as blind people and growing up in the Indian society. After which some of the volunteers spoke about the fresh perspective that they have toward PWDs.

But we aren’t done. Join us in Mumbai on 11th November for rock climbing and in Delhi on 18th November for paramotoring. We look to continue our adventure with ABBF. Thank you to the volunteers from Volunteer4India for facilitating this adventure!