With the resounding success of #EverydayAbility 2017-2018, the movement is back for another season, as a collaboration between Firefox Bikes, Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation and Volunteer4India. The movement began in 2017 and came into being as a product of Firefox Bike’s belief in #EverydayAdventure put together with ABBF’s principle of adventures sports for all. The aim is to create a society that is inclusive and accepting of everyone equally.

As a continued effort toward shattering the misconceptions around disability, the movement started a second season on 26th May, with rock climbing in Mumbai. The day started bright and early with cyclists from Firefox Bikes, PWDs from ABBF and volunteers from Volunteer4India at Arun Samant Climbing Wall, Goregaon. As the Firefox Bikes cyclists rode in, snacks and juices were distributed amongst everyone present, followed by a briefing by Divyanshu Ganatra, Founder ABBF.

The pace was set, and the rock climbing instructors gave the safety instructions that are extremely critical to the success of such activities. The volunteers and instructors were there for every step as the PWDs attempted wall climbing. One of the PWDs who is partially blind, Sanket, climbed till the top of the wall! It was truly a testament to the movement, watching the instuctors, volunteers and Persons with Disability tackle the obstacle together!

Even though everyone didn’t make it till the top, the experiences and learnings from the climb are what matter most. This is the beauty of adventure sports, irrespective of your physical capabilities, it’s your mental make up that sets you apart. Adventures sports are a great way to put all of us on an equal footing and hence spread the message of an equal society with an element of fun!

After wall climbing, the event ended with a closing circle where everyone spoke about their experiences. The volunteers spoke about their learning and growth and the PWDs expressed their gratitude for such events and the opportunity to participate in such an activity! Events like these create experiences and memories that are important in shaping perspectives.

Follow our page to keep a track of upcoming events, in multiple cities, across the next few months. Show your support and spread the word so we can all make an impact together. We look forward to continuing our adventure with ABBF and Volunteer4India. Thank you to the volunteers, instructors and organisers for making this movement possible!

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