In today’s day and age, phones are an integral part of our lives. They’ve become a device we carry with us wherever we go. So then, why leave them out when going cycling? Keeping the phone in your pocket or strapping it to your arms is an option, sure. But it isn’t the safest, nor the most comfortable when riding. To solve this puzzle, Firefox brings out the 6 best phone mounts for you. These not only keep your phone safe while cycling but also enable you to access a host of tremendous features.

1. Top tube Phone Bag with storage


Mounted with 2 Velcros and elastic strip this Firefox phone bag is suitable for all the smartphones. It contains a touch screen window pocket with digital connectors and a hole for earphones to make your experience easier. Once mounted, the holder can sustain bumpy rides and keep your phone safe with its shock-absorbing soft padding. This bag is water-resistant and though, surely a great buy.

 2. Handle Bar Phone Bag with Storage


The unique feature of this Firefox phone bag is that it has Velcro fastening straps to suit your needs. The bag’s padding is completely shock absorbent to protect the phone and is waterproof with PU leather. This touchscreen bag is suitable for all the smartphones with double zipper puller and reflective piping around whole bag.


 3. Handlebar Phone Bag


The Firefox handlebar phone bag made of PVC comes up with a quick release buckle and seamless welding. With the storage capacity of iPhone 6S plus, it is best used for mountain and road bikes. The bag can carry a weight up to 75.5 grams and it has the size of W10.5 X H21 X D1.5MM.

4. Bicycle PDA Holder



The Firefox Bicycle PDA Holder made of ABS plastic with arm length of 4.5-11.5 cm can be easily installed on your bike. This phone holder is cheaper than others but once mounted, the holder can sustain bumpy rides and keep your phone safe.


5. Bicycle Mobile Bag




The Bicycle Mobile Bag can be easily clipped on the cycle bar and will give you a handy size and space. This Firefox mobile bag comes in a universal phone case variant that’s suitable for most phones. This is certainly a great buy but is not water resistant. It comes in 2 sizes, small and large.  (


Gone are the days when you had to leave your phone behind before taking off on a cycling adventure. With the best phone mount cases for your bike, you can now take your phone along, and ensure its safety as well with Firefox.