With global warming showing no signs of cooling off, it is time that we warm up to a healthier and more eco-friendly method of commuting the E-Bike. A blend of both fitness and comfort, the E-Bike is a flag-bearer of the technological and health revolutions now spreading across the nation.

Recently launched, Adventron Firefox's premium Mountain Bike is an E-Bike that deserves more than a glance. It combines state-of-the-art technology in the form of multiple usage modes: right from regular pedalling all the way to throttle mode, i.e., from an intense workout session to travelling at complete leisure - at the touch of a button. The new-age technology has only enhanced the looks of this E-Bike that comes with the style and sleekness which will make you fall in love with it at first sight. This E-Bike is unparalleled when it comes to comfort and adaptability for any purpose whether you plan to take it out on the main street, somewhere uphill or out by the countryside. Heavy-duty or easy, comfortable or slightly challenging, the E-Bike is equipped for all types of terrains.

Features that deserve a second look

    1. A multi-modal riding experience With 4 varied modes of riding - Pedal, Pedalec, Throttle and Walk - this E-bike makes your daily ride one of ultimate and unparalleled comfort.
      • Pedal: This is the normal bike mode where you ride without using the battery -taking no added assistance at all. The ride depends solely on the labour of your legs, lungs and pump prowess, making it best for exercise.
      • Pedalec: This is a partly-assisted biking mode. The battery activates once you begin pedalling and adds up to 80% throttle. This is a saviour just when you find your energy dipping and your legs giving up, also making it perfect for a leisurely day outdoors. Choose between its three levels to regulate how much you want to exert yourself. This mode is recommended for riding with relative ease.
      • Throttle: Switch to throttle mode and sail the roads; rev up the speed as required - recommended for experiencing the ultimate comfort. This is perfect for an uphill climb. The throttle mode is all battery, no effort (No pedalling required!). Using the Pedalec or Throttle modes can also come in very handy while commuting, giving you the blessed option to avoid reaching your destination absolutely sweaty and tired.
      • Cruiseor Walk Mode: Perfect when you want to go into auto-pilot, this keeps the E-Bike cruising at a constant speed, enhancing the pleasure of riding leisurely. Walk-mode switches the bicycle to a constant speed of 6km/hr, enabling you to coast at a similar pace with your “on-foot” peers. They “walk and talk,” while you “bike and talk” - No one misses anything, and you don't need to get off your bike & haul it around to be able to match their speed.
    2. Designed for the best: If looks could kill, anyone who's set eyes on Firefox Adventron would be dead by now. The E-bike has a sleek alloy frame with electric colours that inviteattention with every pedal. The bright colours also help in keeping the bikers safe on busy roads. What more, instead of looking like a gaudy addition to the bike, the battery is fitted in a way that gives Adventron a smooth finish integrated in the down tube instead of jutting out of any part of the bike.
    3. A battery that is detachable and lasts long.Firefox Adventron is an E-Bike that comes fitted with a detachable battery. This means that you don't have to carry the whole bike to recharge its battery - You can simply take the battery out, which comes with a special locking mechanism to ensure that it can only be removed by the owner. This battery is a long-lasting, with its life extending up to 500 charging cycles. In one full charge, the battery enables the bike to cover 35-40 kms in Pedalec mode and 25 kms in Throttle mode. Additionally, Adventron's battery won't wear out even if the bike is kept idle for weeks.
    4. 7 speed changing levels The gear shift system consists of: rear derailleur, chain drum, flywheel and speed changing wiring. This enables you to change gears effortlessly. It also helps regulate the bike speed according to various terrains and wind conditions. Try as much as possible not to change the gear ratio and the speed shall be changed according to sequence. It is important to bear in mind that if the E-bike is not used for a long time, the chain shall be changed into the smallest. Also, avoid stage-jump speed changing, as it will lead to rapid abrasion.

How does an E-Bike work?

E-Bikes work pretty much the same as regular bikes do. But they seem to have a sixth sense which is the battery. The electric component is meant to add more power to human effort (pedalling); but is not a permanent substitute for it. An E-Bike makes biking easier than a regular bike, especially in hilly areas, places where there is headwind and for long or regular commutes.

Choosing the right electric bike

Other than comfort and quality that are important considerations when you choose a regular bike, there are more important factors you need to evaluate in an E-Bike.


      1. Horsepower: This actually is the motor power. E-bikes come with different motor power ratings starting from 200W to 1000W. Every country however has an upper legal limit for motor power. The more the motor power, the more weight the bike is able to pull. But this is at the cost of the battery of course which will drain off faster with additional motor power. The decision is between battery duration and motor power. Firefox Adventron's rated power output is 250 W.
      2. Another important factor to be seen is ‘where this motor is located' and its design. The motor in an E-Bike is usually a hub motor. This is either located in the front or the rear wheel. Alternatively, there is the mid-drive motor which is integrated with the crank and gears. Adventron uses a rear hub motor that is fitted on the rear wheel of the bike.


The battery in an E-Bike impacts its weight and range. Batteries fall under two types:

      • SEALED LEAD ACID (SLA) These batteries ae a favourite with E-Scooters. For E-Bikes, these may come with disadvantages like heavy and bulky, shorter life span and more maintenance required. They are inexpensive, which is little solace.
      • LITHIUM (ION/POLYMER/MANGANESE/ETC.) These are the latest in battery-technology. These have longer lives, 2 to 3 times that of the SLA battery. They are lighter and require little maintenance. They offer a longer riding range. With many benefits to offer, they are naturally more expensive. Adventron's choice of battery is the Lithium Ion, with a rated voltage of 36V.


There are two types of controllers:

      1. Pedal assisted
      2. Throttle based

The first one helps you operate the electrical assistance by using the pedals The battery activates & assists once you begin pedalling. The display/remote is located on the handlebar for ease of use.

The second is throttle based, which is to be activated separately through “twist and go” or “thumb press”, where you press or twist to activate the throttle-based assistance.

Firefox Adventron has 4 modes which includes both, the Pedal-Assist and Throttle-based mode.

Additional tips and points to know about Firefox Adventron

      • Ideal riding conditions: Environmental temperature of 10°- 45°C, mild wind, flat road (tarmac)
      • No Avoid abrupt and frequent starting or braking
      • The running range is about 35-40kms
      • Frequent starting, braking, ascending uphill, riding against the wind, muddy roads, etc. consumes more battery, which will affect the efficiency of the battery.
      • If the battery is out of use for a long time, be sure to charge it halfway before storage. It needs to charge again after storage of over a month (refer to the section about battery information for more)

FAQs - Firefox Adventron

      • What is so special about this E-Bike? This electric bicycle is a technological marvel; it runs on battery that is power driven by a rear hub motor fixed on the rear wheel.
      • How much power does the motor have? 250 watts.
      • Which battery does it have and what is the Voltage? It has a Lithium Ion battery of 36 Volts.
      • How much distance does it cover in one full charge? 35-40 KMs in Pedalec mode and 25 KMs in throttle mode at a constant speed under appropriate conditions
      • How long does it take to fully charge the battery? 2.5to 4 hours with Company recommended charger.
      • What is the maximum speed? 25 KMs per hour according to Indian rules and regulations for a low speed electric two-wheeler.
      • Does it require a driving license? No, it does not require a driving license.
      • Does law mandate for a helmet to ride it? No, but for your safety, we strictly recommend that you wear one when you ride the e-bike.
      • What is the life of the battery? 500 charging cycles or warranty coverage is for 1 year.
      • Does the battery wear out if kept idle and not charged for some time? No, in fact Lithium-Ion batteries last their full life irrespective of use, but for proper functioning of the bike, its battery must be charged once in a month.
      • Does it need periodic maintenance? No.
      • Do we get service support in case of any breakdown? Yes, it is available at the dealership from where you purchase the e-bike.
      • Is it legal for a minor to ride it on the roads? Yes, it is just like a normal bicycle and can be ridden by minors.

Health and Environment Benefits of Electric Bicycles

    1. Electric bicycles give an opportunity to the elderly, patients in recovery and those who are not at their fittest, to go out and cycle. E-Bikes are thus most convenient, as you can easily switch to electric mode if you have exhausted yourself.
    2. E-Bikes raise the bar when it comes to your average cycling distances. This has a positive effect on your health and the environment.
    3. You can take your E-Bike to those new places that you had earlier hesitated taking your regular cycle to. This way, you also don't have to resort to always using your car or other motor vehicles to travel longer distances, which understandably means less pollution on the roads.
    4. You could reach places a lot more easily on your E-Bike, as compared to your any regular bike.
    5. Time and distance need not weigh heavy on your well-being. E-Bikes help you in riding more frequently, thus having a positive effect on your physical and emotional well-being. This improves health, fitness, tolerance levels and stress. It reduces a lot of your medical symptoms and sleep difficulties as well.
    6. E-Bikes help you to actively decide and work for a better environment, as they help you do your bit to make better choices when it comes to opting for a means of transport, while also prioritizing your comfort while traveling.
    7. E-Bikes are known to be great motivators to leave behind other ways of transport and commute to work on a bike. Bicycling to work has its many benefits, one being reduction in mortality rate by 39%.
    8. E-Bikes weigh much lesser than other two-wheelers somewhere around 20kg, and thus are easy to carry, transport and store.
    9. Recycling: Firefox Adventron, besides offering the above benefits, is also safe for the environment in the long run. As the bike gets older and you may want to replace it, consider this: You can dispose of the used parts in an appropriate recycling bin. A battery that no longer works can be taken to your dealer so that he may pass it on to a recycling company.