Let’s put aside the obvious, cycling is great for your child’s physical development and health. But there is so much more to the experience of getting on to a bike. So, we decided to list out the larger benefits.

  • As an activity, it helps build relationships and makes children more social. Cycling often becomes a bond between kids of similar age groups.

  • Many kids grow up to start depending on their bikes. Some start riding to school and some even start riding to the local grocer’s shop.

  • Cycling builds a child’s imagination and thirst for adventure. Kids imagine themselves as part of something larger and riding brings that adventure.

  • From a young age, they become responsible for the care and ownership of their possessions.

  • Finally, a great way to bond with your child. Head on down to your favourite breakfast joint this weekend with the whole family riding bikes. Or explore the neighbourhood with your child.

So, forget the Justice League or the Avengers or even Chhota Bheem and introduce your child to the Planet Foxers – Zunami, Stormyum and Meteorider!

Find out more: www.firefoxbike.com/planetfoxers/