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E-Bike FAQs

1. What is so special about this E-Bike?

This electric bicycle is a technological marvel; it runs on battery that is power driven by a rear hub motor fitted on the rear wheel.

2. What are the different modes in which it can be ridden?

It run on four modes - Pedal mode, Pedalec mode, Throttle mode and Walk mode.

  • Pedal mode is like a normal bicycle without turning on the battery.
  • Pedalec mode is where the battery activates once we Pedal and reduces our Pedaling effort up to 80%.
  • Throttle mode is where it runs like a CVT scooter-"twist & go".
  • Walk mode is where it allows the bicycle to be on a constant speed-"walk and talk"

3. How much power does the motor have?

250 watts

4. Which battery does it have and what is the Voltage! Ampere Hour(AH) of the battery?

It has a Lithium Ion battery of 36 Volts.

5. How many KMs does it cover in one full charge?

35-40 KMs in pedaled mode and 25 KMs in throttle mode at a constant speed under appropriate conditions.

6. How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

3.5 to 4 hours with company recommended charger.

7. What is the maximum speed?

25 KMs per hour according to Indian rules and regulations for a low speed electric two-wheeler.

8. Does it require a driving license?

No, it does not require a license.

9. Does law mandate for a helmet to ride?

No, but for your safety, we strictly recommend that you wear one when you ride.

10. How much does it cost to charge it once fully?

0.25 units of electricity.

11. What is the life of the battery?

500 charging cycles or warranty coverage is 1 year.

12. What is the life of the battery?

No, in fact Lithium-Ion batteries last its full life irrespective of use, but for proper functioning of bike battery must be charged once a month.

13. Does it need periodic maintenance?


14. Do we get service support in case of any breakdown?

Yes, it is available at the dealership from where you have purchased.

15. What are the warranty conditions?

Please refer to the section on warranty for details.

16. Is it a steel frame or an alloy frame?

A6061-Alloy frame.

17. Is the motor repairable?

No, but the motors have very long life and does not normally breakdown. It is like a BLDC motor in a fan.

18. How does one take the battery out from inside the downtube?

As a safety measure the company suggests this to be done by a Firefox Certified technician at an authorized Firefox Dealer/service centre.

19. Is the battery safe enough?

Yes, it is like a mobile phone battery and the cells used inside are from Panasonic or other world-class manufacturer.

20. How can one lock it to avoid theft?

Like a normal bicycle with a regular lock.

21. Is it legal for a minor to ride it on the roads?

Yes, it is just like a normal bicycle.