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#GoBiking with The Avengers and Elsa

By: Firefox Bikes
27 Dec, 2020

Who doesn’t like a great superhero story and if the stories come alive, it’s double the joy. Firefox Bikes is bringing an all-new Disney range of bikes that promises to let your kids live the spirit of their favourite superheroes.

Let’s check out the ‘superhero’ range of bikes from Firefox

 Firefox Black Widow 20

Inspired by the Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, this bike is an uber stylish take on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most deadly assassin, a member of the Avengers. The bike comes with an over-sized frame that sets the tone right for a superhero adventure. With steel rims and steel MTB handlebars, Firefox Black Widow 20 is going to set the tar on fire.

 Firefox Ironman 20

There’s something about Ironman. Every time we see him on the screen, he sets our pulse racing. With Firefox Ironman 20, we intend to recreate that magic. So what if Ironman had to bid us goodbye, Firefox Ironman 20 will never let his eccentricities fade. Its over-sized steel frame, steel rims, Crash Pads and steel MTB handlebar make Firefox Ironman 20, a ride to remember.

 Firefox Captain America 20

Straight from the WWII era, Captain America is easily one of the mightiest superheroes. As a leader of the Avengers, he leads the pack of warriors and it is just this spirit that Firefox Captain America 20 makes us relive. This bike is loaded for those who are born leaders. Oversized steel frame, steel rims, Crash Pads, MTB steel handlebar and steel V-brakes make it perfect for a superhero saga.

Firefox Elsa 20

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Elsa of Arendelle from Frozen is magical and larger than life. And Firefox Elsa 20 recreates the same magic on the road. With an oversized frame, steel fork, Crash Pads and steel MTB handlebar, this is a dream bike for your little princess.

 With such a superhero inspired line-up of bikes, we are sure to add a huge number of young ones to our #GoBiking community. Stay tuned for more on these bikes and how can you get one for your superhero kid.