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Corporate Social Responsibility – Excerpts of Policy Document

  1. Preamble
    • At Firefox Bikes, our corporate mission not only drives our business activities but also represents the essence of how we can contribute to the social development and betterment of our community, country and world.
    • Our CSR goal is to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the larger communities in which we operate. In so doing, our activities aim to build an ecosystem that becomes a force multiplier for a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker, under-served sections of society.
    • The following document, titled ‘Firefox CSR Policy Document 2017’, details the purpose, scope, social cause, targeted impact and the monitoring mechanisms that Firefox CSR initiatives would be governed under.
  2. Firefox Bikes- CSR Policy Overarching Focus
  3. The CSR Policy focuses on two parallel, fundamental issues that the management believes are critical to the nation’s growth in a sustainable manner.

    • Addressing critical inclusiveness, employability, and educational needs of the marginalized, differently-abled and underprivileged sections of society. Through this policy, we adopt an approach that integrates the solutions to these problems into the strategies of the company to benefit the communities at large and create social impact.
    • Balancing economic growth necessitated through increased urbanization and population with environmental preservation by tackling a range of sustainability issues. These include preservation of air quality and natural capital, effective use of energy and resources by increasing sourcing diversity, use of renewable energy and recycled materials.
  4. Proposed CSR Initiatives
  5. To align our CSR activities with our corporate mission, the Company will preferentially undertake initiatives falling under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, related to, but not restricted to:

    • Reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups, especially the differently-abled members of community.
    • Using sport, adventure, and other activities to ward off common misconceptions about disability that stem from ignorance and feed popular social stereotypes.
    • Promoting inclusivity, education and/or employability of the differently-abled, through sustained awareness building.
    • Enabling various platforms and nurturing an ecosystem for the above underserved communities to connect meaningfully with all sections of society, to broaden their horizon, and thus enhancing their confidence, network, vocational skills and employability potential.
    • Protect the world’s irreplaceable natural capital—biodiversity and the air, water and soil that sustain it—for future generations through the promotion of recycling etc.
    • Promoting an active lifestyle and discouraging or minimizing the over-use of pollution generating vehicles through measures like car-pooling.
  6. Community Engagement and Employee Volunteering
    • Firefox CSR measures would keep into focus the needs, priorities and values of various individuals of other external organisations in a community, and ensure that these are incorporated into corporate decision-making and management activities. Our CSR practise over time, would understand the characteristics and complexities of the local landscape and use this information for strategic planning of community engagement.
    • The CSR program would encourage employees to create a force multiplier effect on its CSR activities by joining in, promoting larger social or environmental good or improve the quality of life of a target beneficiary or a community. It would also encourage employees with unique experiences and backgrounds to work together to increase productivity, effectiveness, and responsiveness.
  7. Key Social Impact Areas
    • Nurture an ecosystem and a common platform that promotes inclusivity for the differently-abled, and other socially and economically backward sections of society
    • Ward off common misconceptions that limit employability, and create awareness around the enormous talent that is available & waiting to be tapped within these communities
    • Helping the beneficiaries overcome self-imposed & limiting beliefs about mobility, capability, employability and acceptability
    • Active promotion of resource-saving and recycling activities to conserve the Earth’s limited resources
    • Understand and appreciate society’s responsibilities towards the environment and reflect them in our business activities, as well as through the promotion of lifestyles that discourage consumption of carbon emitting resources
    • Community Participation and larger awareness generation – Bring together stakeholders and ensure seamless interface between them to maximize social impact
    • Awareness building – Work closely with stakeholders for maximized community participation and organic social media message generation
    • Employee and channel partner volunteering – Placing great emphasis on including our employees, dealer network as well as larger channel fraternities in CSR initiatives. Our CSR program will structure employee/channel volunteering programmes within some of our initiatives to leverage their skills and passion into the causes that Firefox is seeking to build impact on.
Note: A complete version of the CSR Policy document is available on request, from [email protected]