3 Best Apps To Use While Cycling

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Best cycling apps: If cycling is one of your favourite activities, check here 4 must have cycling apps in your smartphone for smooth cycling trip!

3 Best Apps To Use While Cycling

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08 Sep 2022

Cycling in India is gaining popularity day by day. With an ever-growing market that showcases some of the best brands in our country, the demand for an enhanced cycling experience is increasing.

As a majority of people are indulging in biking, there is a high demand for apps that enable cyclists to experience smooth rides. These cycling apps comprise of some of the most essential features like GPS, tracking distance covered, speed, pace, etc. So if you enjoy going on an #EverydayAdventure, you should check out these apps!

  • Strava:- Strava is one of the most popular apps for GPS-tracked cycling. It offers a range of handy ride logging functions which get uploaded on your Strava profile. This app keeps track of your rides in terms of the distance you have covered, your speed and the locations you have cycled to. At the end of your journey, you can even check other statistics about your ride like the number of calories you burned, the elevation of your activity, etc. Additionally, it also shows if you have set any new records while riding.


  1. Powered with significant social and competitive features.
  2. Offers a heart rate suffer score, power zone etc.
  3. You can track your elevation and calories burned.
  4. Enables one to follow other athletes, which shows their recent activities in your feed.
  5. Can also connect to Instagram.


  1. Strava records the elapsed time but doesn't post it.
  2. Rides and routes are public by default.
  3. Additional features are paid.
  4. Does not integrate music with your workout

  • Mapmyride cycling app:- This app follows the built-in GPS technology from your phone and marks out routes with interactive map records. It allows you to view essentials like the duration of your ride, distance covered, speed, pace and elevation. After every ride, the app compiles all of the data and auto-updates it to MapMYRIDE.com, on which you can view your route, workout data and history.


  1. The app is user-friendly.
  2. Saves user data on their website profile.
  3. Has a feature that enables the user to count calories consumed and burned.


  1. Some features require a paid, pro account as parts of the data are available only through web accounts, which are not available on the iPhone.
  2. Does not summarize the daily, weekly & monthly totals automatically

  • Endomondo cycling app:-This app can measure several activities besides cycling and running. It comes with unique features like Newsfeed that updates you on your friends' workouts. It also allows you to comment on their activity. It will enable you to navigate and map your route, as well as view your and your friends history so you can break previous records. You can also share your routines on social media like Facebook.


  1. It is user-friendly.
  2. It is powered by Google Maps, which makes it precise.
  3. Enables audio feedback regularly.
  4. Has unique features like tagging, uploading photos, auto-pause, customizable home screen, etc.
  5. Tracks heart rate (compatible with BTLE, BT and ANT+ heart rate monitors).


  1. Limits users to certain data sets and workout track records.

If cycling is one of your favourite activities, you would definitely love such apps. Go ahead and get the app the suits your requirements the best!

Happy Cycling!