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  • Athelio

    • 21 Speed Gears
    • Suspension Fork
    • Alloy V Brakes
    MRP 29,060
    New Arrival
  • Bad Attitude 5

    Bad Attitude 5
    • Lightweight Steel Frame
    • Front Suspension
    • Steel V Brakes
    30% OFF 11,382 30% OFF
    Offer Valid till 30th June
  • Stravaro 29 D

    • 18 Speed Gears
    • Hydraulic Lockout Fork
    • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    MRP 44,550
    We’ll notify you!
    Out of Stock
  • Hulk 26 D

    • 21 Speed Gears
    • Suspension Fork
    • Disc Brakes
    MRP 22,500
    We’ll notify you!
    Out of Stock
  • Kreed 27.5 D

    Kreed 27.5 D
    • 21 Speed Gears
    • Suspension Fork
    • Disc Brakes
    MRP 19,360
    We’ll notify you!
    Out of Stock
  • Tornado 26 D

    Tornado 26 D
    • 21 Speed Gears
    • Suspension Fork
    • Disc Brakes
    MRP 19,990
    We’ll notify you!
    Out of Stock

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Expert Opinion

Gaurav, Zigwheels

An MTB that’s just as easy to ride in the trails as in the city?


Bad Attitude 10- no more compromise, now ride only the best.

Vikas Anand

Charger 29 is a mountain beast


Vishwanath Roy reviews Firefox Gravel- Pirate 3.0

Endless Summer at Woody's Bike Park

Cannondale Waves Feature

Capability, comfort, and control.

If you want to hit the trail, start with Trail.




Never had a breakdown since I bought Firefox Bike. My experience with Nuke has been really rewarding.




The Pedal Mode helps me exercise and the battery throttle mode helps me commute quickly without getting exhausted.


Experience the Perfect Ride with the Best Cycle for Men Online at Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes, your go-to destination to explore and buy the best cycle for men online. We take immense pride in offering an extensive range of world-class, high-quality bicycles designed exclusively for men, ensuring every ride is a remarkable experience.

Whether you're a pro-cyclist or have just begun your cycling journey, we have the right fit to suit your needs and preferences. From rugged mountain paths to thrilling road rides, all our cycles are custom-made to withstand the challenges of your active lifestyle, enabling you to uncover the athlete in you and experience the power, speed, and agility of our sports cycles for men.

Best Gear Cycles for Men

At Firefox Bikes, we understand that every man has unique requirements when it comes to cycling. That's why we offer a wide range of men's bikes, including versatile options such as men's electric bikes and gents’ cycles. Whether you're looking for an eco-friendly commute, a stylish and comfortable ride, or a bike packed with innovative features, we have the perfect cycle to cater to your desires.

Designed to provide superior control and efficiency, all our geared cycles for men have advanced gear systems that allow you to conquer any incline or accelerate effortlessly on flat surfaces. With precise gear shifts and smooth transitions, our gear cycles ensure a seamless and enjoyable ride, no matter the terrain or distance.

Bad Attitude 5

Discover the unmatched lightweight power of this high-quality men's cycle, featuring a top-quality steel frame that guarantees an effortless journey and a delightful riding experience. Whether you are looking for a sports cycle for men or a versatile gear cycle, this remarkable bike offers the best of both worlds. Its sleek design and precision engineering make it the perfect choice for men searching for the ultimate cycling companion. This men's bike is custom-made to cater to your needs, ensuring optimal comfort and a smooth journey. Being equipped with dependable steel V-brakes, this remarkable cycle guarantees safe and reliable stopping power when needed. Whether you are leisurely travelling through the city streets or challenging terrains, you can rely on the precision and effectiveness of these high-performance brakes. They provide the confidence and control necessary for a seamless stop, ensuring your safety throughout your cycling journeys.

Stravaro 29 D

Experience the exceptional performance of this top-of-the-line men's cycle, designed to cater to your everyday need. With its 18-speed gears, this sports cycle for men offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency, allowing riders of all levels to easily travel various terrains. With its superior stopping power and consistent braking performance, you can easily navigate any weather condition. These disc brakes enhance your safety and provide a reliable braking mechanism, giving you the peace of mind to explore new trails and push your cycling limits. The lightweight alloy frame of this men's cycle adds to its overall strength and makes it effortless to handle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this frame ensures a comfortable riding position that promotes an upright posture, granting you excellent visibility and effortless control. Enhancing your riding experience further is the inclusion of a lockout suspension fork. This innovative feature lets you lock the fork, preventing unnecessary compression and rebounding. Particularly beneficial on smooth or uphill terrains where suspension isn't required, this mechanism helps you conserve energy and maintain optimal efficiency. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt your ride to different conditions, optimizing your performance while minimizing unnecessary exertion.

Quality and Performance at the Right Price

We at Firefox Bikes believe that having the best cycle for men shouldn't cause a toll on your bank. That's why we offer a wide variety of cycles at a very affordable price, including cycles for men under 10000. With highly affordable options, you can experience exceptional quality, reliability, and performance without compromising on your budget.

For the Nature Conscious Riders

For all the sustainable and nature junkies, we at Firefox Bikes have the future of cycling in place with our cutting-edge men's electric bikes. These eco-friendly and efficient bikes combine the benefits of traditional cycling with the convenience of electric assistance. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or effortlessly tackle long commutes, our men's electric bikes offer a smooth and enjoyable ride, empowering you to easily reach your destination.

When you choose Firefox Bikes, you're choosing uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. We meticulously design and manufacture our men's bikes, using premium materials and the latest technology to ensure durability, performance, and comfort. Our attention to detail is evident in every aspect of our bikes, from the frame geometry to the components, ensuring that you receive a superior product that exceeds your expectations.

Explore our High-End Collection of Men's Bikes

Immerse yourself in the world of premium men's bikes with our high-end collection. Experience the power and versatility of the Stravaro 29D, designed to conquer any urban or off-road terrain. Unleash your speed and agility with the Tornado 26D, a reliable companion for your adventurous rides. The Hulk 26D will exceed your expectations if you seek strength and durability. Each model in our high-end collection showcases exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and superior performance, ensuring an exhilarating cycling experience.

The Advantages of Investing in a High-Quality Men's Cycle

Investing in a high-quality men's cycle is a decision that brings numerous advantages. When you choose a bike from Firefox Bikes, you can expect enhanced performance, improved fitness, and an elevated sense of freedom. Our cycles are built with precision engineering, utilizing top-quality materials and components to deliver reliability and longevity. Riding a well-maintained bike in top condition ensures optimal performance, making every ride enjoyable and fulfilling.


Q1. How does a single-speed bike differ from a geared bicycle for men?

A single-speed bike has only one gear ratio, while a geared bicycle can switch between multiple gear ratios. Geared bicycles allow for greater versatility and adaptability to different terrain and riding conditions, whereas single-speed bikes are typically simpler in design and require less maintenance.

Q2. What should be considered when selecting the appropriate men’s bicycle?

When selecting the appropriate men's bicycle, factors such as intended use, terrain, rider height and weight, riding style, and budget should be considered. It is also important to test-ride different models and styles to ensure a comfortable fit and riding experience.

Q3. What is the appropriate bicycle size for a man?

The appropriate bicycle size for a man depends on his height and inseam measurement. Generally, a man's bicycle should be proportionate to his body size, with the seat height and handlebar position adjusted for comfort and proper riding posture. It's recommended to consult a sizing chart or seek advice from a professional bike fitter to ensure the correct fit or check the bike size on our website.

Q4. What are some of the best men’s bicycles for rough terrain?

If you're looking for the best men's bicycles for rough terrain, FireFox Bikes offers several great options. The Tornado 27.5 D boasts disc brakes, a lockout suspension fork, and 24-speed gears for enhanced control and comfort. The Nuke 27.5 D is equipped with hydraulic suspension and brakes, as well as 27-speed gears for an exhilarating ride on any trail. The Stravaro 29 D features a lockout suspension fork and is specifically designed for efficient riding on smooth or uphill terrain. These bikes provide a variety of features and choices for riders of different skill levels and preferences.

Q5. Which types of men’s bicycles are most famous for adventure and off-road riding?

If you're looking for a men's bicycle for adventure and off-road riding, you may want to consider a Mountain Bike or a Gravel Bike. Mountain bikes are renowned for their sturdy frames, wide tires, and suspension systems that enable riders to tackle challenging terrain. Gravel bikes, on the other hand, feature more comfortable geometry and versatile tires that can handle both pavement and dirt roads. Both types of bikes are excellent choices for exploring rugged landscapes and embarking on outdoor adventures. You can check out these types of bikes on the FireFox Bikes website.

Q6. What are the key factors to consider when choosing a men’s adventure bicycle?

When choosing a men's adventure bicycle, it's important to consider each specification carefully. The suspension system is crucial for off-road riding as it absorbs shock and provides a smooth ride. The type of brake, such as disc or rim, is also important for consistent stopping power. The durability and reliability of the bike ensure it can handle rough terrain and challenging conditions. Additionally, the tire size and fit of the bike play a significant role in comfort and control. By evaluating these factors, you can find a bike that meets your needs for adventure and off-road riding.

Q7. What new advancements are being included in the latest models of men’s bikes?

The latest models of men's bikes are incorporating a range of new advancements to enhance performance, comfort, and safety. These include lightweight and durable materials, such as carbon fiber and titanium, which improve speed and maneuverability. Advanced suspension systems, such as hydraulic lockout and air suspension, provide better shock absorption and control on rough terrains. Improved braking systems, such as disc brakes, offer better stopping power and precision. Electronic shifting systems, like Shimano Di2 and SRAM eTap, provide smoother and faster gear shifting. In addition, smart features like GPS tracking and integrated lights are becoming more common in modern bikes to improve safety and convenience.

Q8. What do professional men look for, in a bicycle?

Professional bikers prioritize high performance and speed, which is why lightweight frames are crucial for reducing overall bike weight and enabling faster acceleration. Advanced suspension systems like hydraulic or air suspensions help absorb shock and provide better control on uneven terrain, while high-end brakes provide better stopping power and responsiveness. These features enhance the overall performance and speed of the bike, which is crucial for professional riders. Firefox bikes are designed to cater to these needs, offering a range of advanced components to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and high-performance ride.

Q9. What are some budget-friendly men’s bikes under 50k?

Firefox Bikes offer several budget-friendly men's bikes under 50k, including the Tornado 27.5 D, Stravaro 29 D, and Nuke 27.5 D, each with their own unique selling points. The Tornado 27.5 D boasts 24-speed gears, providing a versatile and efficient option for tackling a wide range of terrain with greater control and comfort. The Stravaro 29 D features 18-speed gears, making it another versatile and efficient option for cyclists of all levels. Lastly, the Nuke 27.5 D comes with 27 speed gears, perfect for both hitting the streets with your squad and challenging mountains for a duel. All three bikes offer features such as disc brakes, suspension forks, and multiple gears, making them ideal for commuting and light off-road use. The prices for these models range from around 23k to 40k, depending on the specific features and components.

Q10. What are the essential features of men’s adventure bicycles?

Essential features of men's adventure bicycles include sturdy frames, wider tires, suspension systems, multiple gears, disc brakes, and comfortable geometry. These features provide durability, control, and comfort for off-road and adventure riding. The sturdy frame is important to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, while wider tires offer better traction and stability on uneven terrain. Suspension systems provide a smoother ride by absorbing shock and minimizing vibration. Multiple gears are necessary for tackling steep inclines and varying terrain, and disc brakes offer reliable and powerful stopping power in all conditions. Comfortable geometry is also crucial for long rides, reducing fatigue and ensuring proper body alignment. These features collectively offer durability, control, and comfort for adventurous riders.