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  • PRONTO D 700c

    MRP 14,350
    New Arrival
  • Tremor X 29 D

    Tremor X Tremor X
    • Internal Cable Routing
    • Mechanical Suspension Fork
    • Mechanical disc Brake
    MRP 13,750
  • Tremor x 27.5 D

    Tremor x Tremor x
    • Internal Cable Routing
    • Mechanical Suspension Fork
    • Mechanical disc Brake
    MRP 13,450

    • Lightweight Alloy Frame
    • Steel Rigid Fork
    • Steel V Brakes
    MRP 13,350
    New Arrival
  • Bad Attitude 5

    Bad Attitude 5
    • Lightweight Steel Frame
    • Front Suspension
    • Steel V Brakes
    30% OFF 11,382 30% OFF
    Offer Valid till 30th June
  • Whiplash 700c

    Whiplash Whiplash Whiplash
    • Lightweight Steel FRAME
    • Steel Rigid Fork
    • Steel V Brakes
    MRP 10,850
    New Arrival
  • Bad Attitude 9 29

    Bad Attitude 9
    • Lightweight Steel Frame
    • Suspension Fork
    • Steel V Brakes
    MRP 19,260
    We’ll notify you!
    Out of Stock
  • Bad Attitude 7

    Bad Attitude 7
    • Lightweight Steel Frame
    • Steel Rigid Fork
    • Steel V Brakes
    MRP 12,660
    We’ll notify you!
    Out of Stock

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Expert Opinion

Gaurav, Zigwheels

An MTB that’s just as easy to ride in the trails as in the city?


Bad Attitude 10- no more compromise, now ride only the best.

Vikas Anand

Charger 29 is a mountain beast


Vishwanath Roy reviews Firefox Gravel- Pirate 3.0

Endless Summer at Woody's Bike Park

Cannondale Waves Feature

Capability, comfort, and control.

If you want to hit the trail, start with Trail.




Never had a breakdown since I bought Firefox Bike. My experience with Nuke has been really rewarding.




The Pedal Mode helps me exercise and the battery throttle mode helps me commute quickly without getting exhausted.


What Makes Single-Speed Cycles Better?

Choosing between your perfect bike, a single-speed or multiple gears, is an important decision when selecting your ride. The rising popularity of single-speed bikes among cyclists worldwide can be attributed to their unique style and versatility. These single-speed bikes are often said to bring the epitome of pure cycling experience while catering to various purposes such as daily travelling, adventure rides, running errands, racing, and more.

If you're considering purchasing a single-speed bike or already own one, acquiring a thorough understanding of these bicycles becomes paramount. By familiarizing yourself with the intricacies and features of single-speed bikes, you can fully appreciate their potential and maximize your cycling experience.

Best Single-Speed Bikes to Buy

If you plan to buy the best-in-class single-speed bikes, Firefox Bikes is one of the leading brands, offering an impressive range of high-quality options. What sets Firefox Bikes apart is their commitment to producing the best single-speed bikes available. Whether you're looking for a cycle without gear for your daily commute or a non-gear bike for recreational purposes, Firefox Bikes has got you covered. Their single-speed cycles are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

One of the standout features of Firefox Bike's single-speed cycles is its affordability. With options like the best cycle under 10000 without gear, Firefox Bikes offers budget-friendly choices without compromising quality. Their competitive speed bike prices make it accessible for riders to experience the thrill of a single-speed cycle without breaking the bank.

Emphasizing both style and functionality, Firefox Bikes ensures that their single-speed cycles are efficient and visually appealing. The sleek and modern designs of their speed bikes make them a preferred choice for riders seeking a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.

Whether you're an avid cyclist or a beginner looking to explore the benefits of a single-speed cycle, Firefox Bikes promises to provide the best speed cycles in the industry. With their without-gear bikes and non-gear cycles, Firefox Bikes continues redefining the standards of excellence in the cycling world.

Advantages of a Single-Speed Bike

Lower maintenance requirements for non-gear bikes

Non-gear cycles, also known as single-speed bikes, have a simplified design that requires less maintenance. Unlike geared bikes, non-gear bikes cross out the need for derailleurs, shifters, and shifter cables. With only one chainring and one rear cog, fewer moving parts can wear out or go out of adjustment. This translates to less time spent on adjusting derailleurs or replacing shifter cables. The chain on non-gear bikes also lasts longer as it remains in a straight line, reducing the chances of rubbing against gears. The primary maintenance tasks for non-gear bikes include:
-Cleaning and lubricating the chain
-Keeping the tires inflated.
-Checking the brakes
-Ensuring proper chain tension.

The lightweight construction of speed bikes

Speed bikes, particularly single-speed cycles, are known for their lightweight construction compared to geared bikes. On average, a single-speed bike weighs approximately 1-1.5kg less than a geared bike. For instance, a typical single-speed road bike weighs under 9kg, while mid-range to high-end geared road bikes weigh between 9-11kg. The reduced weight of speed bikes can be attributed to their simpler design without derailleurs, shifters, or shifter cables. By having fewer components, these bikes contain less material, resulting in a lighter overall weight. Riding a lighter bike offers several benefits, including easier acceleration, improved manoeuvrability, and enhanced portability, especially when lifting or transporting the bicycle.

Single-speed bikes are cheaper

Non-gear bikes, or single-speed cycles, are more cost-effective due to their simplified design. With fewer components required, they are cheaper to manufacture, resulting in lower retail prices. Unlike geared bikes that have derailleurs, shifters, and shifter cables, single-speed bikes eliminate the need for these expensive parts. They feature a single chainring and rear cog, which are more affordable compared to multi-gear setups. Single-speed models often come with higher-quality components when comparing bikes of the same price. Since the cost is not allocated to an elaborate drivetrain, manufacturers can focus on providing better-quality frames, wheelsets, tires, brakes, and more. For all those people on a tight budget, a single-speed bike is the best fit as it allows you to get a higher quality bike for your money.

Reduced maintenance costs

Opting for a single-speed bike also means saving money on maintenance and repairs. You won't need to visit a bike shop for derailleurs adjustments or replacements because single-speed bikes do not have these components. You won't have to worry about breaking derailleurs or shifters in case of accidents. Regarding wear and tear, replacing a single cog is much more affordable than dealing with multiple gears. The lower maintenance costs of single-speed bikes make them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals.

Easy to Ride

You can enjoy a hassle-free experience without shifting gears when you ride a single-speed bike. You won't have to remember which chainring or rear cog you're using, and concerns like cross-chaining become irrelevant. Manipulating shifters to find the right gear or deciphering the controls for chainrings and rear cogs is not a concern. This simplicity is especially beneficial for new riders or children who may find it challenging to navigate multiple gear options. By eliminating the need for gear shifting, riding a single-speed bike allows you to focus your energy on pedalling and steering, making it easier to ride and reducing the learning curve associated with more complex bikes.

Mechanical Simplicity

Single-speed bikes have a streamlined design with fewer moving parts than geared bikes. They do not incorporate intricate derailleurs or shifters, resulting in fewer components that can break or require maintenance. With fewer parts to wear out or replace, single-speed bikes offer increased reliability and durability. The reduced complexity also translates into easier maintenance. You won't need extensive mechanical knowledge to adjust derailleurs or change shifter cables, which can be advantageous if you prefer a bike that requires less upkeep. By opting for a single-speed bike, you can enjoy a mechanically simpler ride and potentially reduce your bike's time in the repair shop.


Q1. Is using a single-speed bicycle effective for exercising?

Using a single-speed bicycle can be effective for exercising as it requires more physical effort to pedal and maintain speed compared to a geared bicycle. This can provide a challenging workout and help build leg muscles and endurance. However, it may not be suitable for all types of terrain or riding styles.

Q2. What is the ideal frame material for a single speed cycle?

The ideal frame material for a single-speed cycle depends on riding style, terrain, and personal preference. Steel is popular due to its durability and comfortable ride quality, while aluminum is lightweight and responsive. Carbon fiber is also a good option for those looking for a high-performance bike, but it can be more expensive. Ultimately, the best frame material for a single-speed cycle is one that provides a comfortable and efficient ride.

Q3. What are the advantages of using a single-speed cycle for commuting?

Using a single-speed bike for commuting can have several pros. Single-speed Bikes are low maintenance and easier to clean than geared bikes, making them ideal for daily commutes. They also tend to be more affordable and lighter than geared bikes. The simplicity of a single-speed Bike can help reduce weight while riding, allowing for a more focused and enjoyable commuting experience.

Q4. What are the top single-speed cycles on your website?

Some of the top single-speed cycles offered by FireFox Bikes are Bad Attitude Zippy 26, Bad Attitude 5 27.5, Bad Attitude Whiplash, Bad Attitude Dominator 29 D, Bad Attitude 9 29, and Maddok 24. These bikes are designed to provide smooth and efficient rides, making them ideal for commuting or leisurely.

Q5. What is the average price of a single-speed bike in India?

In India, the price of a single speed bike can vary depending on the brand, quality, and features. Generally, single speed bikes can be found at a relatively lower price point compared to geared bikes. At Firefox Bikes, the price range for single speed bikes is typically between ₹8,000 to ₹12,000. However, prices can vary depending on the specific model and any additional features included.