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  • Pirate 3.0 D 700C, 16 Spd

    Pirate 3.0 D Pirate 3.0 D
    • 16 Speed Gears
    • Rigid fork Fork
    • Tektro, Mechanical disc brake Brakes
    MRP 60,560
  • Pirate 4.0 700C

    Pirate 4.0
    • 16 Speed Gears
    • Alloy Rigid Fork
    • Mechanical Disc Brakes
    MRP 38,460

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For a cyclist scaling a peak, it’s trust in his bicycle that makes all the difference!


Expert Opinion

Gaurav, Zigwheels

An MTB that’s just as easy to ride in the trails as in the city?


Bad Attitude 10- no more compromise, now ride only the best.

Vikas Anand

Charger 29 is a mountain beast


Vishwanath Roy reviews Firefox Gravel- Pirate 3.0

Endless Summer at Woody's Bike Park

Cannondale Waves Feature

Capability, comfort, and control.

If you want to hit the trail, start with Trail.




Never had a breakdown since I bought Firefox Bike. My experience with Nuke has been really rewarding.




The Pedal Mode helps me exercise and the battery throttle mode helps me commute quickly without getting exhausted.



Q1. What is a Gravel Bike?

Gravel Bikes are basically a cross between a Mountain Bike and a Road Bike. They are designed to be faster than a mountain bike and more durable than a standard Road Bike. They can ride on tarmac, mud, and most surfaces in between. They can be used for racing, commuting, touring, and exploring.

Q2. What is the difference between a Gravel Bike and a Road Bike?

Road Bikes are designed to be ridden on routes with tarmac bias, while Gravel Bikes can be taken off roads, gravel paths, dirt roads, fire trails, and even on single tracks. In short, a Gravel Bike is versatile for off-roading, and a Road Bike is specialized for pavement.

Q3. Is Gravel Bike equipped for difficult trails?

A Gravel Bike can be ridden on gravel roads, dirt paths, and mud. However, it may not have the same level of suspension or tire width as a mountain bike that is specifically built for challenging off-road trails. Therefore, a Gravel Bike might not be the best option for extremely difficult trails.

Q4. What makes the Firefox Gravel Bike unique?

Firefox’s Gravel Bikes are perfect for adventurers who want to travel quickly and comfortably on different routes. These bikes are designed for bikers who love to explore off-beat locations. We have two different models of Gravel Bikes i. Pirate 3.0 and ii. Pirate 4.0. These bikes are built to be more sturdy than a typical Road Bike and faster than a Mountain Bike, making them perfect for avid bikers. Our Gravel Bikes have larger tyres, which provide greater grip, speed, and comfort.

Q5. What are the key benefits of choosing a gravel bike for a long-distance ride and exploring off-road trails?

Gravel bikes have become popular in recent years and it is easy to see why. These versatile and durable bikes are perfect for both off and on-road.

  • Here are our top 5 reasons why you should choose Gravel Bike;

  • 1. Gravel bikes are comfortable on paved roads.

  • 2. Tyre options are almost endless on a gravel bike.

  • 3. Gravel gearing can handle a whole host of riding disciplines.

  • 4. Geometry on a gravel bike strikes a good balance between a road and a mountain bike.

Q6. Can a teenager use a Gravel Bike?

A teenager may use a Gravel Bike. We highly recommend considering the individual's size and biking skills before considering buying one. We recommend you see the size chart available on FireFox’s website while purchasing a Gravel Bike.