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  • Firefly V SSP 16"

    Firefly V SSP Firefly V SSP
    • Non-Toxic Paint
    • Wider Arm Training Wheels
    • Alloy Brakes
    MRP 13,650
  • Stormyum V SSP 20"

    Stormyum V SSP
    • Non-Toxic Paint
    • Wider arm Training wheels
    • Alloy Brakes
    MRP 7,950
  • Stormyum V SSP 16"

    Stormyum V SSP
    • Non-Toxic Paint
    • Wider arm Training wheels
    • Alloy Brakes
    MRP 7,050
  • Sweetie 20

    • Non-Toxic Paint
    • Wider arm Training Wheels
    • Safety Crash pads
    MRP 9,900
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Choosing the Right Girls’ Cycle: Guide 101

Being a parent, finding the perfect cycle for your girl child is an important responsibility. Having a cycle at an early stage of growth is said to be extremely beneficial for the child’s physical development, stamina, balance, and mental well-being. However, choosing the right bicycle for your little girl requires careful consideration and thorough planning. It is more than just visiting a cycle store and making a purchase. There are additional factors and features to keep in mind.

When purchasing a girls’ cycle, there are several factors to consider: the wheel size, gears, brakes, and durability. We all have fond memories of our first bicycle, the moments of joy and challenge as we learned to ride. It’s important to provide our kids with the same experience and opportunities for growth.

At Firefox Bikes, we understand that buying a girl’s cycle can be a daunting task. We believe girls’ cycles should not be limited to a specific colour or solely focus on appearance. Instead, they should empower girls and instil confidence as they embrace the joy of cycling. You can expect more When choosing a girls’ bicycle from Firefox Bikes. We offer a wide range of girls’ cycles designed to provide style and substance. Our cycles are carefully crafted to ensure that girls look great on their bikes and feel confident and capable as they conquer new adventures.

Our collection lets you find the best cycle for girls that meets your requirements and preferences. We prioritize quality, performance, and safety, so you can rest assured that your child is riding a reliable and durable bicycle. From cycles suitable for girls aged 12 years to bicycles designed for girls aged 10, we have options for different age groups and skill levels. We would suggest ELSA, BLACK WIDOW, SWEETIE and MUTINY when planning to buy a cycle for your girl child.

We aim to provide the best bike for girls that combines functionality, style, and affordability. We believe in creating bikes that inspire a love for cycling, encourage physical activity, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Let your child experience the joy and freedom of riding with a Firefox girls’ cycle.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Girls Cycle

Design and Color

While girls can ride any bike regardless of its design or colour, we understand that some girls may prefer bikes with traditional girl styling. At Firefox Bikes, we have various girls’ cycles with Disney graphics, colours and patterns for that added fun element.


Considering that, on average, girls weigh less than boys, finding a bike less than 40% of a child's weight can be challenging. The weight of the cycle should be light so that the child can balance the cycle well. But, building a lightweight yet high-quality bike comes with a high cost. At Firefox Bikes, we understand this and have built various cycles with this criterion checked.


A child's posture while riding a bike greatly affects comfort and manoeuvrability. Traditional "girl bikes" typically position the rider in a more upright stance, which casual or timid riders prefer. On the other hand, more aggressive riders may prefer a leaned-in position to maximize control during turns. For larger sizes like 20" and 24", we provide options catering to timid riders who prefer an upright position and aggressive riders who prefer a leaned-in stance.

Frame Design

Traditional girls' bikes often feature step-through frames for easier mounting and dismounting. While step-through frames do offer convenience in this regard, they do not necessarily enhance overall bike performance. Consequently, we did not prioritize bikes with step-through frames. Interestingly, all high-end bikes have the same frame design for both "boys" and "girls" bikes, with the only distinction being the colour.

At Firefox Bikes, we strive to provide a diverse range of girls' cycles considering these important factors. We believe that girls deserve high-quality bikes that cater to their preferences and deliver exceptional performance. Our collection features carefully selected options, ensuring that girls can enjoy the thrill of cycling while riding a bike that suits their styles and requirements.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Girls Cycle Size

When finding the right cycle size for your child, the best approach is to have them try different bike models. This way, they can sit on the seat, grip the handlebars, test the brakes, and take the bike for a spin to ensure a comfortable fit and pedalling experience. At Firefox Bikes, our knowledgeable staff are available at your local store to provide personalized fit recommendations and guidance. However, if visiting a store isn't possible, you can still find the right bike online by comparing your child's measurements with the cycle's specifications.

One important thing to note is that kids' bikes are measured based on wheel size, unlike adult cycles, measured by frame size. The most common kids' bikes start with 12" wheels and go up to 24". Beyond that, older kids can transition to adult-sized bikes with 26" wheels.

However, wheel size is the starting point when choosing a kids' bike. The following method can serve as a rough guide, but trying the bike in person is crucial rather than solely relying on age ranges. Children's height, torso length, and leg proportions can vary within the same age group. For example, a bike that fits one 7-year-old may be too big for another 7-year-old with shorter legs. A properly sized bike ensures ease of handling and enhances safety and enjoyment while riding.

We understand the importance of selecting the right girls' cycle size at Firefox Bikes. We offer a wide range of girls' bicycles, including cycles for girls aged 12 years and bicycles suitable for girls aged 10. Our collection features girls' cycles designed with comfort, performance, and durability.

Tips when Shopping Cycles for Girl Online

If you’re shopping online, you can narrow your choices by measuring the child’s inseam (the inside leg length) to ensure enough clearance above the bike’s stand-over height. Look for listed stand-over heights for specific bikes and compare that number to the child’s inseam. The inseam should be higher than the stand-over height so the child isn’t resting on the top tube.


Q1. What size is ideal for a girl's bicycle?

Depending on the girl’s height and inseam measurement, the ideal size for a girl's bicycle is measured. The size falls within the range of 24 to 26 inches for girls aged 9-12 years and 26 to 28 inches for those aged 12 and above. To choose a proper fit before buying, we advise you to check the size chart available on our website.

Q2. What are the essential safety features of a girl's bike?

The safety features essential for a girls’ bike are properly functioning brakes, a well-maintained chain and gears, a lightweight frame for ease of handling, training wheels for young riders, reflective elements for visibility in low-light conditions, and a properly fitted helmet. To ensure maximum safety for the girls while riding the bikes, it is important to teach proper riding techniques and road safety rules.

Q3. What are the latest trends in design and features for girls' bicycles?

The latest trends for Girls' bicycles are trending towards lightweight frames, comfortable seating, and easy-to-use gears. Many models of the bike include bright colours, stylish designs, and fun accessories like baskets or bells. The Glitz 24 offers unmatched comfort and style that turns heads, with a wicker basket adding an aesthetic touch. The gears are perfectly designed to make your journey effortless, and the wider saddle ensures comfortable rides for hours. On the other hand, The Breeze 24 delivers a smooth, ride on flat terrains, teaching kids about control and empowering them to take charge of their journey. It offers long-lasting comfort for endless adventures with excellent gears and a wider saddle.

Q4. Which is the best bicycle for girls under 15 years of age?

If you are looking for the best bicycle for girls under 15 years of age then look for factors such as height, inseam measurement, and riding preferences. Firefox’s Glitz 24 and Breeze 26 are great options to consider for young girls. The Glitz 24 bike is perfect for girls who are just starting to gain confidence on two wheels. It has a sturdy frame, comfortable seat, and easy-to-use brakes. On the other hand, the Breeze 26 Bike is a more advanced bike with a larger frame and 21-speed gears that's suitable for girls who are taller and have more experience biking/cycling. It also has a comfortable saddle and a suspension fork that absorbs shocks for a smoother ride. As with any bike, it's important to ensure that the bike is properly fitted and meets safety standards before purchasing.

Q5. How do boys' and girls' bicycles differ?

Boys’ and girls’ bicycles differ in frame geometry, colour schemes, and accessories. Some Girl’s Bicycles have a step-through frame design for easier mounting and dismounting while wearing dresses and skirts. Boy’s Bike on the other hand has a crossbar frame design and is built for more aggressive ridding styles.