4 Different Types Of Cycles You Need To Know About

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Always wondered what's the difference between the bikes that people ride in competitions versus the ones which people use while climbing down the hill? Here's a detailed explanation...

Types of Bicycle, 4 Different Types of Cycles (City, Hybrid, Folding & Offroad Cycles)

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12 Aug 2022

Cycling is one of the most versatile sports to indulge in. It can be as intense or calming as you like it to be. There are various types of cycles that cater to different agendas and terrains. Some are built for smooth and consistent long distance cycling experiences while some are built for stunts and ramp coordinate performances. So once you set your agenda, understand the different types of cycles that can give you the best experience.

  • City cycles:- City cycles, as the name suggests, refers to urban bikes. The city cycles do not fall under a specific category of bikes. A city bike is made keeping in mind urban roads with smooth terrain to give you an easy pedalling experience so you glide around effortlessly. If you want to travel to work or commute easily in your city, these cycles are for you. These bikes not only become an easy means of transportation but also allow you to squeeze in your daily dose of exercise. If you enjoy stamina oriented workouts in your routine life, cycling around your city can be an exciting option.
  • Hybrid cycles:- Hybrid cycles are made to cater to city and off-road biking conditions. These bikes have larger, padded seats and a comfortable handlebar position that can provide the best cycling experience in both terrains. The tires are usually medium-sized and have a semi-smooth thread that provides enough cushioning for uneven surfaces. You can ride these bikes on paved roads and unpaved trails. However, these bikes do not cater to rough mountain terrains.
  • Off-road cycles:- Off-road cycles or MTB's are designed for rough terrains and mountain trails. These bikes generally have flat handlebars and lower range of gears for comfortable pedalling on steep trails. Mountain bikes have high-quality suspension and shock absorbers. MTBs with front absorption are known as Hardtails while those with front and rear suspension are known as full-suspension bikes. Off-road cycles with no suspension are called rigid bikes. If you are enthusiastic about going on new adventures, MTB's are the best options for you. With these bikes, look forward to a new #EverydayAdventure every weekend!
  • Folding bikes:- These cycles are one of the most compact kind of vehicles available today. A folding bike is that which can be folded into a compact form and can be easily carried into buildings or public transport. These bikes are ideal for people who need to travel with their cycle. Ideally, these bikes have smaller wheels and are extremely lightweight. If you need to travel via bus or train as part of your daily commute, you can carry your bike along and cycle to your destination once you step out of public transportation!

Cycles are one of the most exciting commuters. These are not only eco-friendly but also become a refreshing source of routine exercise. So pick the form of cycling that caters to your needs and pedal towards a thrilling #EverydayAdventure!