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As the country is gearing up for winter, now seems the perfect time for preparing yourself for cycling. Here are some tips you can follow for winter cycling

4 Ways You Can Go Winter Cycling This Season!

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19 Nov, 2022

As the country is gearing up for winters, now seems the perfect time for preparing yourself for cycling. Most cyclists do not like riding out in extreme heat or rains, thus winters are the best time to indulge in physical exertion and sports. You can make the most of the season by pedalling to your optimum without experiencing extreme energy loss. 

Here are some tips you can follow for going on an exciting #EverydayAdventure!

Dress according to the weather

Winter may seem like the perfect weather to cycle wearing warm layers that will keep you cosy and comfortable, considering the atmosphere outside. However, you should go for specific cycling clothes which are designed keeping in mind your comfort and necessities. Always wear a loose base layer, over which you can put on your cycling jersey or a sweatshirt. The inner layer will soak up moisture and sweat as you cycle, while the jersey will ensure that your muscles do not swell up due to excessive workout. You can go for polypropylene or thermals, they work great for sports. 

Additionally, wear proper cycling gloves. These will protect your palms from sweating while keeping your fingers warm. When it is too cold, fingers become numb and you might find it difficult to apply brakes, in turn affecting your control over your bike.

Wear cycling shorts but also track pants over them which will act like leg warmers. Don't forget to cover your head with a head protector. 

Steps to take before you go out cycling

Always remember, you have to warm up before going on any ride. It is important to loosen up stiff muscles and ligaments and warm your body from within. Have a light meal, which is high in protein content. This will help your metabolism process faster while maintaining your energy levels. 

Another essential step is to check on your cycle. Your body needs to warm up before a heavy workout, similarly, your cycle needs flexibility. Check on the chain, brakes and gear cables and oil them. This will not only allow you to experience smooth cycling but will ensure your bike doesn't break down mid-rides. 

While you are cycling

There are a few steps you have to consider while you pedal to a new #EverydayAdventure. Carry a bottle of water and sip on it at frequent intervals. Even though you will not get very thirsty during winters, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. You can also sip on electral instead of normal water. If you have just started cycling, ensure you take breaks at regular intervals. Stop by for some cutting chai and enjoy the scenic beauty! 

After you are done cycling

After you finish cycling, do some stretching. It is an essential step to finish off any kind of exercise. It will help your muscles relax from the exertion caused due to pedalling. Have a filling meal afterwards and kick-start an energetic day ahead! 

Cycling during the winters can be extremely refreshing and exciting. So before you step out for work, take your bike and go on an #EverydayAdventure!