Cycling To Work!

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Cycling to work could be one of the best ways to explore your city. So, to make this process easier, here are five simple steps you can follow

5 Easy Steps To Follow While Cycling To Work

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29 Oct, 2022

Cycling is one of the most energetic yet refreshing activities you can indulge in. It not only helps you squeeze in some exercise in your daily routine but also brings in #EverydayAdventure, giving you a chance to explore your city. So cycling to work could be one of the best ways to indulge in this activity. To make this process easier, here are five simple steps that you can follow. 

  • Start early:- Even though you can cycle past traffic smoothly, one of the most important things to begin with is to start early every day. This will ensure that you are able to ride at your own pace. Since you will be going to work, you do not want to ride very fast so as to avoid sweat and loss of energy.
  • Carry work wear:- You obviously do not want to spoil your formal clothes by sweating in them. So cycle to office in active wear and carry along a pair of office formals or casuals. This step might seem extra, but trust us, it is worth your effort! Firstly, active wear will provide you comfort while cycling, adding to a smooth workout routine. Secondly, changing outfits will ensure that your clothes look fresh, saving you from embarrassing sweat patches.
  • Find a place to hang your cycling clothes:- When you change in to work wear, you need to find a place in your restroom to hang your active wear. Since the cycling clothes will be dirty and sweaty, you need to find a place to hang them till they dry. This will prevent them from the dampness and sweat odour, ensuring you wear fresh clothes while cycling back home.
  • Carry deodorant:- This is a must-have item in your bag. A deodorant or a good perfume is necessary for obvious reasons! While you cycle, sweat it out, when at work, smell great!
  • Carry a compact bag:- A cycle will not have extra boot for your belongings. So ensure that you have a compact yet spacious bag that allows you to store the necessary items. Fold your clothes and put your belongings in proper compartments. This will also help you become more organized!

So these were a few simple steps to follow, when you cycle to work. Following these little steps will make sure you are always comfortable and energetic.

So go out and add some excitement in your daily routine. Ride along happiness and share your experiences with us.

Happy cycling!