Five Reasons to Take a Western Ghats Bike Ride

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If you love cycling & traveling, why not combine the two? Giving you five thrilling reasons why you should cycle to the Western Ghats this season

5 Reasons Why You Should Cycle To The Western Ghats This Monsoon

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04 Nov, 2022

The arrival of monsoons is not just a climate change, but an emotion all together in India. One of the most loved seasons, monsoon is meant for exciting plans and adventurous getaways. So if you live in the southern part of the country and are planning a weekend getaway, we have an exciting idea for you! If you love cycling and traveling, why not combine the two? We give you five thrilling reasons why you should cycle to the Western Ghats this season!

  • Cycle for the adventure:- If you are an ardent cyclist, you get an exciting route to cycle along the sharp and elevated turns. The topography is extremely adaptable so even if you are not an experienced cyclist, you can easily ride to your preferred locations. Not only is this, the Western Ghats has a pleasant environment that will ensure a peaceful experience throughout your trip! If you are looking for a long distance ride, you can cycle to Mulshi or Lavasa in Maharashtra!
  • Cycle for the tranquillity:- The lust green Ghats have some of the most picturesque places to visit. These are covered in forests, farm lands and water bodies which provide a breath-taking view! You will be cycling through clouds and fog when it is not raining. A plus point is that you will come across many vantage points at short distances across the Ghats so you will have more places to explore!
  • Cycle for the biodiversity and ecology:- If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should definitely visit the Sahydari hills. This place is full of various bird species like Kingfishers and Green Bee Eaters; insects like the Giant wood spider, umpteen species like frogs and snakes. Apart from these, there are plenty of National Parks and Sanctuaries like the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar Tiger Reserve. So hop on to your bike and ride to these thrilling places!
  • Cycle to understand culture:- The Western Ghats stretch across states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, ending at Marunthuvazh Malai, at the southern tip of India. So you will come across various cultures and local traditions. So while you cycle, you will come across local folk and their simple lifestyle. So if you enjoy experiencing different lifestyles, you should definitely cycle there!
  • Cycle for the food!:- One of the best reasons one can travel for- food! In the process of cycling, you might get tired. And what's a better excuse to take a break than local food? Relish some of the most authentic recipes passed down by generations. You will get to taste so many local dishes you did not even know existed. So take plenty of breaks on your cycling expedition and eat to your heart's content.

This monsoon, peddle towards an #EverydayAdventure!