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Going for long distance cycling? Understand your and your bikes strengths and weaknesses' Find here 5 different aspects of long-distance cycling you must consider!

5 things to keep in mind while planning a long distance cycling trip

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21 Sep 2022

Advent cyclists love going on long-distance trips. They have a fair idea about the terrain, the climate and the level of difficulty. However, as an aspiring cyclist, there are a lot of factors you should consider. One of the most important one being shorter cycling trips. You must practice well before planning out a long-distance trip. Understand your and your bikes strengths and weaknesses. Try cycling on different terrains so you get an idea of the obstacles you might face.

So, here are 5 different aspects of long-distance cycling you must consider:

  • You can't dodge the slopes and hills:- India is full of ghats. So it is obvious that you cannot pedal on a straight simple path in your entire journey. Prepare yourself for all probabilities and the toughest of hills. You need to understand that the hills along with its wind may become a little problematic, depending on the region. It is essential to carry a first aid kit, a phone and a jacket. One of the most important factors is to practice on the cycle you are going to ride for the long trip. Remember, you have to complete the distance, not ride fast.

  • You will face body ache:- You might not feel any pain in the beginning due to an adrenaline rush, however, after 50 to 100 miles, you might want to take rest for at least 15 minutes. You might feel exhausted with discomfort in your hands, shoulders, and butt and of course, your legs. To avoid this, you should invest in a good pair of padded shorts and a comfortable saddle. Also remember to change the seat position throughout the ride so as to relieve pressure on different areas of your body.

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  • Long distance will require mental and physical strength:- Going the distance requires equal amounts of mental and physical endurance. You need the motivation to keep pedalling and reaching your destination. In terms of physical strength, you need a great amount of stamina and the ability to ride along all terrains. Apart from this, you should also understand where to pedal faster and where to ride smoothly to save energy and enjoy your trip.

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  • Watch your diet:- Two weeks before you set out on your trip, follow a healthy and nutritious diet. This will ensure that your body is well balanced and prepared to provide you with energy during the ride.

However, you should also carry some snacks for a refuel. Eat something light after the first two hours of cycling, continue riding for the next 4-5 hours. Remember to drink water and electrolyte-laced beverages throughout the ride.

  • Lastly, be aware that you might get addicted to cycling! As you cycle long distances, chances are than you might want to ride out as often as possible. Cycling can show tremendous results on your body. So if you are aiming at weight loss, you probably are already satisfied with the results after a few rides. So once you are over the initial phase of soreness and fatigue, you would enjoy the adrenaline rush and some serenity you get via cycling!

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