Cyclist Anatomy

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Anatomy of an Avid Cyclist

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29 Oct, 2022

According to a basic Google search, avid cyclists, on average, ride 150-200 days per year for up to 3-4 hours a day.

With its high calorie-burn rate and minimal impact on the joints, cycling is an excellent choice for people who want to get fit and stay in shape. Of course, there are also many other health benefits of cycling such as better sleep and cardio-vascular fitness. In fact, research indicates that people who cycle, or exercise, regularly tend to be as fit as people who are 30 years younger to them.

But what goes on in the mind of a cyclist as he/she pedals away daily. Is a cyclist thinking about his/her health goals all the time or something else?

If you have ever been on a cycle, you would agree that unless there's a destination, a cyclist often goes wherever his/her mind takes him/her. And the thoughts they could be as random as thinking about the next political candidate to run for PM or wondering about energy, matter and fossil fuel as it only takes a little oil to grease the chains of a cycle. Indeed, a genuinely environment-friendly mode of transportation.

How do Cyclists Keep Fit?

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If you think about an avid cyclist, you will certainly expect them to have sturdy legs. However, only focusing on strengthening your legs will not help you in becoming an avid cyclist. Strength in the core and arm muscles is essential to channel all that furious pedalling for hours. Besides, stretching is very important for cyclists, as the hunched position one maintains on the bike, could lead to strain if the body is not warmed up or cooled down properly.

The Active Commute

Health Behavior News Service reports that It may be more realistic to accumulate physical activity through active transport than adding exercise to weekly leisure-time routines.

The four-year study of 822 adults found that people commuting to work by car gained more weight, even if they engaged in regular exercise than people who did not commute by car. It is no surprise that cyclists who bike to work, stay in shape! Yes, that's provided you don't gobble up doughnuts and sugar-laden tea or coffee as soon as hop off your bike at work or home!

Are you looking forward to taking up cycling for the rest of your life?

An active commute that provides leisure, as well as fat burning, what could be better for both you and the environment? Start your journey to be an avid cyclist by finding the right bike at Firefox. Visit our store or drop an email to [email protected] to find out more about our range of bikes.

Happy Cycling to you!