Avatar is a new generation bike that’s equipped with the state-of-the-art Enviolo CVT Hub technology, which replaces the traditional manual gears with automatic transmission technology. The key benefit of this CVT bike is the effortless and smooth riding experience. In addition, these hubs are low maintenance but high performance!

Enviolo Hub

The Enviolo Hub is a transmission hub designed using a variable planetary system. It features rotating balls that, permit an infinite number of ratios between incoming power and outgoing power. The modernistic hub offers stepless shifting providing a seamless bike riding experience.

Efficiently CVT

The Enviolo’s continuously variable planetary technology (CVT) forms the foundation for the revolutionary bicycle transmission, which can be adapted easily to meet individual cycling needs. Whether a rider is waiting at a stoplight or straining against a headwind, the ideal gear ratio can always be set by just a twist of a wrist. No more step changes, empty pedaling, or creaking. Simply enjoying a smooth ride.

Automatic Gear Shifter

Avatar Automatic comes with an Automatic Gear Shifter that enables you to adapt riding on any type of terrain with just a twist of your wrist

High Performance Suspension

The bikes come with an amazing 80MM front suspension which adds-on to the quality and ease of riding on every terrain you choose to venture on

Efficient Disc Brakes

Avatar comes with Mechanical Disc Brakes which 160mm rotor which is not only superbly efficient but reliable as well. They provide precision braking and perfectly complement the bike’s performance.

Lowest Maintenance

The Enviolo Hub on Avatar Automatic makes it really simple to maintain the bike. The hub is surprisingly very low maintenance & shockingly high on performance & comes with a 2-year warranty!