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As parents, you can introduce your children to cycling, which is fun and one of the best activities to keep them healthy, and happy - Firefox Bikes

Health Benefits for kids when they #GoBiking - Firefox Bikes

By:Firefox Bikes
17 Sep, 2020

We live in a world that is perpetually changing, and this change is mainly because of the rapid advancements in technology. 'Digital' is at the core of this advancement that has made our lives significantly effortless. But as they say, technology can be a double-edged sword we are already witnessing a disadvantage of this 'digital invasion' in our lives - kids glued to screens, be it computer screens, mobile screens or TV screens. Gadgets have replaced outdoor sports, kids indulged-in once. However, as parents, you can introduce your children to cycling, which is fun and one of the best activities to keep them healthy, and happy.

Cycling for kids

Cycling, or biking as we call it here at Firefox, is considered a healthy yet light, fun-filled activity. Kids tend to enjoy cycling more than any other outdoor activity because it gives them a sense of freedom. Some kids may find it 

 Initially, they might find it arduous but with timely encouragement and a bit of push, it will soon become their favourite 'I-am-going-out-to-play' excuse. To know about the benefits of cycling, read on.

 1. Great Cardio starts here

Cycling is a wonderful exercise for the leg muscles. When these muscles get exercise, the heart rate increases, resulting in accelerated stamina in the body. Cycling exercises the cardiovascular muscles and helps kids maintain the ideal weight.

 2. Stress? What stress?

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Cycling is a great stress buster. Today, kids also have a hectic life, even if we don't realize it. School, tuition, sports, extracurricular activities, all add up and drain their energy. A ride on their cycle helps them rejuvenate mentally. After a long day when they are out on their cycles, it makes them feel happier and calmer.

3. Pedal towards emotional wellness

Cycling on their own gives them a sense of freedom. This enhances their self-confidence and results in better confidence levels. They also become aware of their surroundings and feel more responsible. They get to discover the world around them and prepares them for life. With an amplified confidence level, they become comfortable while outdoors, without any feeling of fear or helplessness. When parents also #GoBiking with them, it becomes an opportunity for family bonding. When kids #GoBiking with their parents, they look forward to making wonderful memories.

 4. We are social animals

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Cycling rides help kids in socialising with others in the neighbourhood. It gives them a freewheeling, first-hand opportunity to enhances their communication skills and make new friends. It's always fun riding down a long stretch with friends or with a group.

5. Always active, always on

Kids tend to get lazy when they are always hooked to gadgets and screens, confined to indoors. This leads to certain alarming health problems like childhood obesity. On the contrary, regular cycling keeps them fit, active and healthy. When they are pushing pedals outdoors, they get a regular workout, which results in a healthier, happier persona. 

 6. Vitamin D and good sleep is important

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When kids #GoBiking, they get their dose of Vitamin D from the sun. They get fresh air, which refreshes them. After a good ride, they get tired that results in a sound sleep

 When going out for a ride regularly, they eventually kick their addiction with gadgets and screens. They become more confident, healthier and happier. They get ready for the challenges life would throw at them. 

 Still, need more reasons to introduce your kid to #Gobiking? visit and pick a Firefox bike for your kid.