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Electric Cycle

The Firefox battery-operated electric bicycle is a revolution in the cycling space. This bike enhances ride quality across terrains and distances through different riding models. And the best part? Electric support can be turned on or off as per will. This sure is a precious keep for a true cyclist!

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A Guide to Buy Electric Bicycle Online

If you call yourself an ‘experimental cyclist’, we know that the chase for novelty never really ends for you! And for such enthusiastic souls, Firefox is here with a revolutionary model, the electric bicycle ‘Adventron’! But before we head out to understand this mean machine in-depth, here’s a quick overview of what an electric bicycle, or e bicycle really is?

What’s a Firefox E bicycle?

An electric cycle offers the luxury of riding a battery-operated cycle that enhances ride quality and efficiency across terrains and speeds. This is achieved through different riding models that the Firefox Adventron comes with. Well, let’s get to them shortly. But, before that, surpassing all these impressive features is the key attraction of such a bike - its scope to turn the electric support on or off as per your requirement. So, go the electric way, or take the effort to your legs and pedals – it’s all up to you!

How to choose electric bike?

Now coming to the main hurdle. How do you decide which electric bike to go for?

  • a good e cycle offers multiple riding models, so that your ride is not restricted
  • an efficient electric bike comes with a high quality, long lasting battery (read up about ‘how to charge electric bike’ for more on this)
  • a high-end electric bike, electric mountain bike (or e-MTB) comes with a sturdy frame and wide tires that allow you to go all out with your adventures, just like an MTB

With these key factors in place, you’ve got your truly dependable ride! And guess what, the Firefox Adventron’s got it all. As the premium electric bike in India, this one stands at the helm of the electric cycles’ revolution in the nation.

This E-bicycle comes with 4 riding models:

  • Pedal – ride without use of battery
  • Pedalec – battery activates upon pedalling and adds up to 80% throttle
  • Throttle – move ahead with full battery power
  • Cruise – ride at a constant, steady pace

By playing around with these 4 models, you can give your electric bicycle a tour through the mountains just like an MTB! Its Li-ion batteries can be easily charged by removing them, and are equally easy to place back. With a fully charged battery (that takes up to 4-4.5 hours), the bike can ride on for 35 kms like it’s nothing! And without the battery support, this bike is your beloved MTB in no time!