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Speciality Bikes

For riders who are all about ‘out-of-the-box’, here are our Speciality Bikes. Conforming to no norm, each bike in this range is unique. From folding bikes, to fat bikes, stunt bikes (BMXs), and fixie bikes, it’s everything that’s not ordinary. So, if you are an experimenter, these bikes are all set!

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Speciality Bikes: The perfect guide for your cycling adventures:

Life is nothing without a little fun. It’s the essence of all the adventures that is why Firefox brings you a range of Bikes for the explorer in you. From folding bikes to fat bikes to even a BMX bike for a stunt lover like you, we’ve got you covered.

How to choose the right Speciality Bike?

Confused between Fat tire bikes, folding bikes and BMX bikes? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. While purchasing a folding bike, the frame size, wheel size, suspension and folding method are some of the major factors you need to consider. BMX bikes on the other hand have 3 categories i.e. BMX race bikes, Dirt Jump, Street Park Bikes and Flatland BMX Bikes. Fat Bikes provide three features in total which are traction, suspension, and flotation. Each of them has their own role in making Fat Tire Bikes so popular amongst the rest.

Features of Fat Bikes:

Fat bikes are fun and different. The tires, especially when run tubeless, just never seem to run out of grip. Running tubeless and running low pressure is the best feature of this bike. The amount of suspension provided by the tires is more than enough to make sure that your body doesn’t get beaten up the trail. Fat bikes are also amazing when you jump them. While you would believe that they simply won’t be able to lift themselves, they do, and in the process, make you feel that you have conquered the world!

Features of BMX Bikes:

Bicycle Moto-cross also known as BMX bikes are specially designed for the stunt lover in you. They usually have small frames, twenty-inch wheels and a single gear which makes it strong and needs less maintenance than the average bike. The majority of these bikes are unsuitable for long distances as they have a small frame and a single gear.

Features of Folding Bikes:

There are many reasons why a folding bike is the choice of the town. The best feature of a folding bike is it hinges and lets you fold it up into a neat little package. Often the main hook is in the middle frame, letting you fold it in half, with smaller mechanisms for compressing the handlebars, seat posts and pedals. Most folding bikes have small wheels - 16 or 26 inches which reduces the overall size of the bike and makes it lighter.