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Hybrid Cycles

The leisure of city riding and the thrill of mountain biking, a Firefox Hybrid bike aces both. With a wide gear range, light alloy hybrid frame, and easy to adjust QR seat, this cycle is built to survive wherever you go! Ideal for general-purpose riding across terrains, this sure is a winner!

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Aspects to Consider before Buying Hybrid Bikes:

Hybrid cycles have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. With a surge in the numbers of environmentally conscious Indians who choose cycling as their transportation of choice, the hybrid bike has emerged as a perfect choice for the unpredictable Indian streets.

What is a Hybrid Cycle?

Hybrid bikes are designed for comfort and fun on commutes to work as well as more adventurous weekend rides. They blend characteristics from more specialized road bicycle and mountain bikes to give you the best of both worlds. With a hybrid, you can transition from paved city streets to muddy hill trails without worrying about loss of traction.

What Can you Expect from a Firefox Hybrid Bike:

A unique combination of agility and durability ensures that these bikes can handle the worst potholes, speed-bumps and the unpredictable terrain of Indian roads. A mix of premium mountain bike-style components and hard-wearing frame leads to a smooth commute.

Featuring a frame that keeps you comfortable while still allowing you to generate power and flat handlebars that allow an upright seated position instead of keeping you hunched over, these bikes make the rider’s comfort a priority. That, along with the generous clearances, mounts for fenders and rack make them the most practical choice for the Indian market.

Choosing the Best Hybrid Cycle for you

Hybrids are a great choice for casual riders. Their lightness, along with their ease of maneuverability make them an ideal choice for children too. They are safe, extremely comfortable and fun to ride. All Firefox bicycles are unisex and are one of the best in the market for both men and women’s hybrid bikes.

So go ahead and pick out your favourite travelling partner from our collection of Firefox hybrid cycles. Be it leisure evening rides or work commutes, mountain trails or gravel roads - your companion is perfectly qualified for all of that and more.