Don’t let your mind wander, the warranty on Firefox Bike Components is for Six Months.

Don’t let your mind wander, the warranty on Firefox Bike Components is for Six Months.

Planet Foxers (5-9 Years)

With Planet Foxers, nothing’s impossible for our little superheroes! Designed for ages 5-9, these children’s bicycles allow them to ride fearless, thanks to safety features like training wheels, adjustable seat posts, and safety pads. Now they can fly to their dreams, one pedal at a time!

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The Right Bicycle for Kids 5 to 9 year old:

Now that their wings are spreading wider, it’s time to get them a kids’ bicycle that can shoulder the weight of their growing adventures! To help them soar higher, Firefox Bikes has a range of kids bicycles for 5 to 9-year olds –Planet Foxers. These bikes give them the real feel of a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ cycle, while still keeping in mind their young age. With unique designs, these cycles allow them to enjoy their independence, while assuring you that their safety is in the right hands!

So, what are the planet foxer - features, frames and specification for kids cycle for 5 to 9 years old that make them the perfect ride for your child?

  • age-appropriate design with sub-categories like 5-7 years and 7-9 years’ bikes
  • safety features like handlebar and stem padding, easy-to-adjust quick release (QR) seat posts, training wheels, and chain guard
  • non-toxic paint that’s safe and durable
  • sturdy and durable tires and wheel rims
  • easy-to-apply, highly responsive brakes
  • front and rear reflectors

The core purpose of these features is to make sure they don’t have to hold back the rider within due to fears or concerns. But even while these features hold great importance, another common question that puzzles parents is- how to choose the right bicycle size for 5-9 year old children? For a bike too big will compromise on safety, and a bike too small will take away the comfort and fun! Well, here’s a guide to buying the right bicycle for 5-7-year olds and 7-9-year olds-

Height (Cms) Kids Bikes Size & Age Group MODEL

These key features are what make the Firefox Bikes’ Planet Foxers range one of the most trusted in the market. Loved by parents and kids alike, these bikes make for the most memorable childhood experience for little ones. These bikes come in kid-friendly designs and colours that are a total win with the little ones, for now they have a super-cool bike to flaunt! Keeping safety in mind, these bikes offer all the key features mentioned above, making every ride as if watched over by you!

So, don’t wait anymore, for their dreams won’t! Get your kid their very own Firefox Planet Foxers bicycle, and send them off on a brand new adventure!